Calories in a banana


Calories in a banana

Calories in a banana — very tasty and useful fruit. In some countries it is considered that it was banana Eve tempted Adam. Its pulp contains valuable fiber, pectin, enzymes, tannins, vitamins, calories in a banana and minerals. Especially a lot of potassium in it. But with all the existing advantages, it can hardly be called a dietary product.

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Dutch bulbs

Dutch bulbs

Dutch bulbs

Tulips and dutch bulbs — flowers of my childhood! In early spring, our steppe that stretched near Askania, was transformed into a bright sea of ​​red flower dutch bulbs ...
But wild yellow dutch bulbs are very rare. Read more info»

Summer plants

Summer plantsWhen choosing a summer plants gardeners traditionally pay considerable attention to the peculiarities of their flowering summer plants. However, in many respects determined by the perception of garden design impression of summer plants, which form the basis of the composition. Read more info»

Vegetable meals

Vegetable mealsKitchen vegetable meals include a wide assortment of vegetable dishes (beans, beet tops, cabbage, kohlrabi et al., Pavo (abyrchman), edible herbs — shiritsy, nettle, field sow-thistle, wild fennel, garlic and others.). Read more info»

Tulip bulb

Tulip bulbAfter the white landscape winter garden among the first to delight the eye of the gardener various flowers bulbs tulip bulb. Tulips and hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses enliven spring garden and create a festive mood. Often, the fickle nature of spring weather may overshadow the impression of this beauty. Read more info»

Geranium seeds

Geranium seedsMany people think that geranium and pelargonium — are one and the same plant, but in fact they belong to different genera of the family of geranium seeds (Geraniaceae). Geranium garden (geranium seeds), in contrast to its thermophilic distant relative, a pretty good feeling in the open field and has long enjoyed a deserved popularity all over the world. Read more info»

Heather plants

Heather plantsIf you have an overwhelming desire to plant in your garden heather plants, then get ready for the challenges awaiting you, because for the creation of the heather plants you have to create the conditions for its successful growth and development. Usually flowers heather plants appear on sale in late summer, so during this period they are particularly impressive look. Read more info»

Easy to grow vegetables

Easy to grow vegetablesHow to easy to grow vegetables seedlings and plant seeds of vegetables and flowers. How to easy to grow vegetables and vegetable seeds sown seedlings, the conditions necessary for germination. Read more info»

Grow carrots

growing carrots vegetable grow

Growing carrots

Carrot grows well in warm, loose soils. Ph acidity 5.5-7.0. Light-requiring. By growing carrots begin to prepare for the end of April. It is not necessary to put it after the beans, carrots and parsley.

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