Архивы рубрики ‘Fruit’

Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn — relate to the fruit The name in Latin: Hippóphaë Title in English: sea buckthorn Treat the family: suckers — Elaeagnaceae Used in everyday life of the sea buckthorn: fruit, leaves, bark. Botanical description: Small (up to 4 m) tree or shrub-covered gray bark, thorny branches. Young shoots with small ball-shaped buds are covered with […]


Raspberry ordinary — refers to the fruit In Latin name: Rubus idaeus In English name: raspberry Belongs to the family: Pink (Rosaceae) In everyday life, such parts are used raspberries : young leaflets, fruit Botanical description: Raspberry ordinary — a deciduous shrub , perennial rhizome, twisting , woody , large number of adventitious roots . Stems are […]


Elderberries — refers to the fruit. In Latin name: Sambucus In English Name: Elder Treat the family: Adoksovye — Adoxaceae Used in the home of the elder: fruit, leaves, flowers, flower buds. Botanical description: A small tree or branched shrub, 5-5.5 m tall, with light brown fissured bark. Brownish, dotted with brown sochevikami shoots containing in white, […]


Peach, peach tree — refers to the fruit In Latin name: Prúnus pérsica: «Persian (plum)" In English name: peach Belongs to the family: Pink (Rosaceae), a subfamily of almond (Amygdaloidex s. Prunoidex). Used in the home of the peach: fruit, bone, seeds Botanical description: a tree with serrated, lanceolate, leaves, and «sedentary» pink flowers. Bone wrinkled, […]


Cranberries - refers to the fruit. In Latin name: Oxycóccus In English name: Cranberries Treat the family: Ericaceae — Ericaceae Used in the home of the cranberry: fruit, leaves, shoots Botanical description: Weakly branched creeping evergreen shrub, 15-30 cm tall thin, dark-brown stems with floral, ascending branches. Pubescent young branches. Leaves (length of about 5-16 mm and a […]