Архивы рубрики ‘Fruit’


The bright orange sun not only pleases the eye and is also one of the most delicious and healthy fruits on our table Description Orange — the name of the fruit of the tree of the same name, and the family of citrus and orange from German means «Chinese apple.» Orange is one of oldest plants […]


Quince — this is the most ugly, rough fruit, which resembles both an apple and a pear, but, alas, can not boast a glossy beauty of the first, nor the juicy sweetness of the second. Which is easily converted into either the incomparable marmalades, chutneys, jellies and candied fruit, and yet undervalued, rejected and, worse, forgotten. […]

Avar. Description of the accident (avar)

Description of the accident (avar) Homeland Avar tree plant (Latin Astrocaryum vulgare), belonging to the family of Palm, is South America. Avar is a palm tree, whose height is 10-15 m Chopped leaves Avars, reaching a length of 1.5 m, covered with spines. The trunk is also dotted with palm trees with sharp black spines, […]

Avocado. Plant avocado. Description.

International name of Perseus U.S. avocado (Persea americana). This is one of the many species of Perseus Lavrov family (Lauraceae). In the wild American Perseus (avocado), found in the mountainous region stretching from Mexico. Of all the Perseus only avocado has edible fruit, rich in the same vitamins, minerals and fats. Avocado / Perseus American […]