Архивы рубрики ‘Vegetables’

Vegetable meals

Kitchen vegetable meals include a wide assortment of vegetable dishes (beans, beet tops, cabbage, kohlrabi et al., Pavo (abyrchman), edible herbs — shiritsy, nettle, field sow-thistle, wild fennel, garlic and others.).

Easy to grow vegetables

How to easy to grow vegetables seedlings and plant seeds of vegetables and flowers. How to easy to grow vegetables and vegetable seeds sown seedlings, the conditions necessary for germination.

Grow carrots

Growing carrots Carrot grows well in warm, loose soils. Ph acidity 5.5-7.0. Light-requiring. By growing carrots begin to prepare for the end of April. It is not necessary to put it after the beans, carrots and parsley.

Green vegetable recipes

Deciduous or leafy vegetables are a special group of vegetables and green vegetable recipes, which includes various kinds of cabbage, lettuce, spinach, sorrel. This group of green vegetable recipes we relate and green onions, leeks, parsley and dill, celery leaf.

Veg recipe

In the height of summer, we often cook vegetables. I propose a simple veg recipe cooking delicious steamed vegetables, which will take a little time, and will please its juiciness and piquancy. This veg recipe can be done once for a few days and put into the refrigerator, which is very convenient in the summer […]