Архивы рубрики ‘Vegetables’

Potatoes. Potato.

Potatoes — a vegetable. Potatoes (potatoes) — This vegetable is widely used as a coating or anti-inflammatory agent, as well as in cases of gastro-intestinal diseases and as a cosmetic. The name in Latin: Solanum tuberosum. Title in English: Potato. It belongs to the family: Solanaceae — Solanaceae. Pharmaceutical Name: potato starch (starch) — Solani amylum (previously: Amylum Solani). […]


Cabbage. Vegetables — cabbage, cabbage juice is useful in the treatment of gastric ulcers, to treat wounds, sores, shingles, measles, rashes apply poultice of the leaves of cabbage. In Latin is called: Brassica oleracea In English is: Cabbage. From the family: Cruciferae — Brassicaceae. Key used in the cabbage parts leaves. Description: On the Mediterranean coast growing wild […]


Description of zucchini.      Zucchini — it is herbaceous plant of the gourd family and the fruits of the same name. Squash is the birthplace of America. For many thousands of years of squash, along with corn and squash were the basis of the diet of local tribes. In Europe, squash, like several other fruits and […]


Oregano — a vegetable that contains tannins, bitterness and essential oil is a good tool in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The name in Latin: Origanum vulgare. Title in English: Oregano, Wild Marjoram. Family: Labiatae — Lamiaceae (Labiatae). Common name: amulet, brass color pchelolyub, matserdushka, zenovka. Pharmaceutical Name: marjoram (oregano) — Origani herba (Herba Origani). […]


Peas — a vegetable that can help control diabetes because carbohydrates pea, and composed of glucose and fructose from falling even without the help of insulin directly into the blood. The name in Latin: Pisum sativum. Title in English: Pea. It belongs to the family: Bean — Fabaceae. The applied part of the structure of peas: seed […]