Архивы рубрики ‘Vegetables’

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts — a vegetable, vitamin C in its composition is 5 times higher in comparison with other types of cabbage. Brussels sprouts, is very useful for children and teenagers and people in the age, and is often used as a dietary product, for example, in cardiovascular system. The name in Latin: Brassica oleracea. Title in […]


Broccoli — a vegetable, one of the most useful, a huge warehouse of the vitamins and minerals. The name in Latin: Brassica silvestris It belongs to the family: Cruciferae. Title in English: Broccoli Habitat: The genus broccoli — from Asia Minor and from the Eastern Mediterranean. Although, broccoli has been bred by the Romans and a very […]

Artichoke, Artichoke description of the vegetable

Artichoke (Artichoke) — is the name of the plant, the aster family. From the history of cultivation of vegetable artichoke can be counted more than 5,000 years, artichoke grown and eaten even ancient Egypt, Greece and even met Rome. Now artichoke grows almost on all continents except Antarctica, but in Australia, South America, artichoke spread, so […]