Архивы рубрики ‘Vegetables’


Arracacha — refers to the vegetables , found the names arakaha The name in Latin : Arracacia xanthorrhiza Title in English : arracacha Belongs to the family : Umbrella Used in everyday life of arracachy : root vegetables Description botanical : roots stem are: long and thin and spindle tuber or from about 5 to 25 […]


Parsley — refers to vegetables Title in Latin: Petroselínum Title in English: Parsley Belongs to the family: Umbrella (Apiaceae) As used in the home of parsley: roots, leaves, seeds Botanical description: biennial, sometimes annual herbs. Leaves twice / trizhdyperistye, heart-shaped, petals whitish or yellowish — green, sometimes at the base with a reddish tinge, with a shiny […]


Tomato — refers to vegetables Title in Latin: Solánum lycopérsicum Title in English: Tomato Belongs to the family: the family Solanaceae Used in everyday life of the tomato: fruit Botanical description: well-developed root system , rod type . Plants has branched roots that quickly form and grow. May differ in diameter of about 1.5 meters and […]


Beets — refers to vegetables In Latin name : Béta In English name : Beet Belongs to the family : Amaranth (previously attributed to the family Chenopodiaceae ) Used in the home of the beet: roots , leaves Botanical description : The root of almost all kinds of beets — rod , dereveneyuschy it entirely into the […]


Sorrel — refers to vegetables In Latin name: Rúmex In English Name: Sorrel Belongs to the family: Buckwheat (Polygonaceae) Used in everyday life of sorrel: leaves, roots, fruits Botanical description : Annual or perennial herb , dioecious few short fibrous root. In the wild , there are about 117 species and more than 150 subtypes . […]