Архивы рубрики ‘Vegetables’


Pear — refers to the vegetables. In Latin name: Pyrus communis. In English name: pear Treat the family: Pink — Rosaceae Used in the home of the pear: fruit, leaves Botanical description: The round or pyramidal crown tends to thicken. Spiral Phyllotaxy broadly shaped, dark-green color.


Grated beets is not only useful for kids. For adults, it also gives a lot of vitamins, becoming the basis variety of delicious dishes  Description Beetroot — the name of the plant and the fruit of the same name. History beet cultivation originated in what is now India, where it now possible to meet her in […]


In addition to extremely attractive «appearance» and the flavor of tomatoes can still boast of a whole bunch of useful and medicinal properties Description of tomato Tomato — the name of the plant and the fruit of the same name. The name «tomato» in Italian means — the golden apple, and the word tomato comes from the […]

Bulgarian pepper (paprika, pepper, vegetables)

His popular name is not obliged to pepper their homeland and breeders in Bulgaria, whose efforts were put sweet large-fruited varieties Description pepper Bulgarian pepper (paprika, pepper, vegetables) — the name of the species of plants from the nightshade family, and its fruit. Pepper is the birthplace of America, where in Mexico, Colombia and Central America […]


Parsnip. Parsnip — a popular way to enhance sexual activity, increase of appetite, hallucinations, as a painkiller for kidney, stomach cramps as an antitussive and to mitigate and sputum. Latin name: Pastinaca sativa. English name: Parsnip. Family: Umbrella — Apiaceae. Common names: a fat carrot, carrot lamb, deer feed, spindle root. Pharmacy name: the fruits of parsnip-Pastinacae […]