Архивы рубрики ‘Vegetables’

Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage — a vegetable that helps with gastric and duodenal ulcers, with acute gastritis, has antiviral properties. In Latin: Brassica pekinensis. In English: Celery cabbage. Synonyms: petsay or salad sprouts. It belongs to the family: Cabbage — Brassicaceae. The botanical description of Chinese cabbage — a biennial plant, but culture is grown as an annual. Chinese […]

Okra (Okra, ladies fingers)

Okra (Okra, ladies fingers) The name in Latin — Abelmoschus esculentuss. It belongs to the family — Malvaceae. Okra (Okra, ladies fingers) — an annual plant, is very valuable vegetable crop. Okra (Okra, ladies fingers) — is a relative of plants such as cocoa, cotton, hibiscus from the family Malvaceae. Originally okra (okra, ladies fingers) from Ethiopia, the Middle […]


Cucumber — a vegetable. In Latin name: Cucumis sativus. In English the name of: Cucumber. It belongs to the family: Pumpkin — Cucurbitaceae. Used in the home of the cucumber: the fruit and leaves. Botanical Description: stem creeping, rough ends mustache, he clings to their support, the stem is extended to 1-2 m leaf heart-shaped, five-blade. The fruits […]


 Nori — is the Japanese name of some species of red algae, as well as products made from them. Description of Nori. In Latin is synonymous with nori — purple, and in Irish — Lavery, but won thanks to the popularity of nori in Japan. The first description of nori in the 8th century BC In feudal times was […]


Carrots (carrots) — a vegetable. Carrots (carrots) — is a folk remedy helps in the treatment of disease: myocardial infarction, angina, kidney stones, liver disease, kidney disease, impaired mineral metabolism, arthritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, arteriosclerosis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, prevention and treatment of obesity. The name in Latin: Daucus carota. Title in English: Wild Carrot. Belongs […]