Avar. Description of the accident (avar)

avarDescription of the accident (avar)

Homeland Avar tree plant (Latin Astrocaryum vulgare), belonging to the family of Palm, is South America.

Avar is a palm tree, whose height is 10-15 m Chopped leaves Avars, reaching a length of 1.5 m, covered with spines. The trunk is also dotted with palm trees with sharp black spines, the length of which reaches up to 20 cm long spikes Avars are a kind of nutrient reserves of the plant: they catch the falling leaves of other trees that are decaying, yield the palm of an additional power source.

Avar is a dioecious plant, the flowering period covered by the trunk of the palm male and female flowers. Inflorescences are protected by a dense shell with a pointed spikes of 2-4 pieces located at the base of each branch. After fertilization of the female flowers are formed by Avars fruit ripening bunches of 100-200 units.

The fruits of the Avars, with an orange or reddish-brown skin, are round or oval shape. The length of the fruit ranges from 3 to 6 cm, moderately juicy fruit is characterized by the aroma and taste, vaguely reminiscent of apricots. In addition to the pulp layer, whose thickness is 0.5 cm, Avars contains a large hard seed, holding 80% of the fruit ...


Distribution of Avar

Homeland Avars is north-west of South America, where Indian tribes settling tree roots in Brazil, Suriname and French Guiana.

Cultivation of the Avars spread in all countries of South America, but in French Guiana, where this symbol is the palm, this plant can be found everywhere.

In Guiana Avar lives in homogeneous forests coast, growing at a fairly well-drained soils, but also lives in the former shoals, which are covered by dry forest.

Application crashes

The fruits of the Avars had long known for their nutritional and therapeutic properties. Fruit pulp, which contains 20-37% oil contains carotene and vitamin A in large quantities.

Avars fruit pulp is a very popular component of South American cuisine dishes. In Amazonia, these fruits are traditionally steamed. Residents Guiana Easter holiday table is served to the original dish of twenty ingredients, which have long been extinguished in the paste of the fruit of the Avars.

Also, the Avars fruit pulp is a source of palm oil from its seed oil squeeze. Black wood Avars, sturdy and solid, widely used in construction. Amazon Indians weave ropes, baskets and fishing nets from the fibers of the young leaves of the Avars.

The Avars are traditionally used in folk medicine. The oil from the kernels of the palm — chuchu — recommended as a treatment for boils, rheumatism and toothache. In 2004, scientists were able to scientifically prove the anti-inflammatory properties of the substances contained in the bones and pulp of the Avars.

Similar extracts from soy and avocado extract from the Avars can replace many synthetic substances, which have side effects. In recent years, the fruits of the Avars have been widely used in cosmetics, dietary and pharmaceutical industries.


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