avocado fruitAvocado — refers to the fruit.

By — Latin name: Persea americana

By — English title: Avocado

Belongs to the family: Laurel

Used in everyday life of avocados: Fruit

Botanical description: Avocado — it's big enough vysokorastuschee tree. It can reach a height of 18 m trunk of the tree is very much branched, usually straight, sometimes can have some twists and bumps. The leaves of this tree are falling all year round and reappear. They are bright green in color, elliptical in shape, big enough, can reach a length of up to 35 cm Leaves are covered with green skin.

In the axils of the leaves are flowers, they are quite subtle and not very attractive. Typically flowers are greenish flowers obopolye.

The branches of the avocado, usually quite quickly break down and can not withstand wind gusts.

Flowering: March — April, the fruits ripen in September — November.

Avocados: The fruit of the avocado is a berry. This fruit is a round, spherical shape. The fruits are large enough, they may have a diameter of 20 cm and a weight of 1.8 kg. The fruit is nestled strong enough skin, it is maturing to bright green, and after maturing a little black. Inside the fruit pulp is greenish or yellow in color, quite fleshy and contains a lot of oil and grease. In the fruit has enough of a family. It is usually located in the center of the fruit.

Habitat avocado: According to some sources, this plant was cultivated by the Aztecs for a long time, these people were called forest avocado oil. Avocados grown in South America. Basically, this plant is native to tropical and very warm areas of the world. Avocados grown countries such as USA, Brazil, Israel, and several African countries.avocado fruit

Avocados are grown in the home. It can be grown in the open field. The soil should be well drained and fertile. Avocado tree loves sufficient irrigation water.

The constituent elements of avocados: Avocados — it is a fertile tree. As part of the avocado fruit has so many different types of vitamins that are very beneficial to the human body. The fruits contain a lot of fat, sugar, salt, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other elements.

The content of certain elements in the fruit of avocado:

— Phosphorus — '95

— Iron — 9 mg.

— Calcium — 23 mg.

— Potassium — 1.3 mg.

Vitamin A — about 600 IU units.

Vitamin C — 82 mg.

Vitamin B3 — 8.6 mg.

Practical use: One of the main features of the avocado fruit is that it contains more fat than any other fruit. A person who uses avocado gets a lot of energy out of it — for the fat content in the composition. Fat in the use of splits and releases quite a lot of energy. These fats are very easily absorbed by the human body and are extremely useful.

Most avocado is used as a dessert, it is made a lot of fruit salads. Avocados are often used raw. This is a very useful and tasty fruit.

Avocado is very useful in diseases of the heart. One medium avocado contains the daily norm acid, which significantly reduces the risk of heart attacks and cardio — vascular diseases. Many researchers suggest that people who eat avocados raw, suffer less heart disease and the risk of heart attack are much smaller.

As already mentioned, contains many avocado fat, besides the fruit is avocado carbohydrates which reduce cholesterol in humans.

Many studies were conducted with people with elevated cholesterol levels showed that weekly diet that contains avocado significantly reduces cholesterol in humans.

It is proved that avocados promote the formation of red blood cells. Namely, the element B2, which is contained in avocado red promotes the formation of bodies in the blood. In avocado pulp composition contains copper and iron elements which, in combination with one another provide an even greater effect.

Avocados have more vitamins than many other fruits, such as banana. Potassium in avocados is almost 60% more than in bananas, which are known for their mineral composition of vitamins. Foods that contain a lot of potassium can help reduce the risk of cardio — vascular diseases in several times.avocado fruit

Oleic acid, which was found in the fruit of the avocado, protects people from cancer. Recently, scientists have proved that this acid helps fight breast cancer cells. Similarly, scientists have found in many fruits of the fruit acids and components, which significantly reduces the growth of cancer cells in humans. In prostate cancer, vitamin E, which is in great quantity in the avocado fruit, reduces the growth of cancer cells. There are many studies that prove that some varieties of avocado can fight many diseases.

Juice and avocado extract used in cosmetics. Masks and shampoos based on avocados help to restore the normal appearance of hair. As well, there are many creams with avocado elements that make the skin more moist and beautiful. Avocado — this is a very good means to improve the skin and hair.

When problems with stomach diseases and disorders of the stomach, avocado juice helps to normalize the activity of the body.

Avocado contains many carotenoids in their composition, so use of this fruit helps normalize the composition of these elements in the body.

Some people make different facial masks that moisturize and normalize skin.

Damage to avocados: Avocados can be detrimental in cases where the person who takes the fruit, there is no personal tolerance of the product. You need to properly use this fruit. In avocados, which contain bones in flesh, can be toxic substances that can harm the body.

Avocado varieties: This product has a lot of varieties. Avocados are grown and cultivated all over the world, so there are many well-known varieties of this fruit.

Fuerte avocado — This variety has white flesh, the fruit is oblong or pear-shaped. It has a high level of fat content. The flesh has a large number of stones, bones elongated, in the form of droplets. A thin, smooth peel. Peel usually green. This variety bears fruit in summer and autumn.

Zoot — the pulp of this variety is white, it may sometimes be yellowish. It has a high level of fat content. Elongated shape of the fruit. The thin rind of green. Has a large round stone. Bears fruit all year round, grow this variety began in California in 1926.

Ettinger — has a bright pulp, fruit pear shape, elongated. The fruit has a low level of fat content. There are bones. The average weight of the fruit of the class is up to 300 grams. Bears fruit from summer to winter. Cultivation began in Israel.

Sort Rouen — the fruits of this variety have a strong yellow flesh with a very large spherical stones. The fruit is covered by a green-skinned. The fruits are large enough to 400 g. Fruiting season from autumn to winter. The rind of the class a little pimply.

Hass variety — the flesh can be yellow or greenish. The fruit has an oval shape. The pulp with small ball-shaped stones. The fruit is covered with purple skin. First started growing in California.

Sort Pinkerton — a white — yellow, or greenish flesh. Form pear-shaped fruit of this variety. In the summer varieties are very high in fat and winter is quite low. Has enough fat and pupyristuyu peel. The rind of green. The fruits are large enough, some specimens can reach up to 500 grams. This is a relatively new variety, which only started to grow in 1972.

Gwen variety — this variety has a dark yellow flesh. Fruit shape is oval, or circular. It has a high level of fat. The fruit of the avocado peel covered with green. Fruit average size of up to 400 grams. Has enough small bones. Fruiting in September — December.avocado fruit

Reed avocado varieties — has yellow flesh, round-shaped fruit has a high level of fat. The fruit pulp is filled with medium-sized stones. The fruit is covered with skin, thick enough. The main fruiting season in the summer. The fruit is large enough, can reach a weight of more than 500 grams.

Sort Ardin — is white — yellow, or greenish flesh. Form pear-shaped fruit of this variety. In the summer varieties are very high in fat and winter is quite low. Fruit average size of up to 400 grams. Has enough small bones. Fruiting in September — December.

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