blurberries fruit Blueberries — refers to the fruit

By — Latin name: Vaccínium myrtíllus

By — English name: Blueberries

Belongs to the family: lingonberry

Used in everyday life of blueberries: The fruits, leaves

Botanical description: Most of these plants — is the low shrubs. All edible fruits. Shrubs of this plant can be up to 50 cm in the most northern areas, such as the Tundra, these shrubs can be as short as a few centimeters. The structure of the bush is quite simple, moving away from the main trunk of the stems at a sufficiently acute angle. Leaves are green, sharp, egg-shaped, alternate on the stem. In the winter the leaves fall, spring sprout new, young.

Leaves and branches have grooves in which rain water flows down to the roots and trunk of the bush. The rhizome has a large number of creeping roots and a large number of shoots.

The flowers are greenish — white, they sit right turn. The corolla is five cloves. Present ten stamens. There is one pistil. Lower ovary. Pollen from moisture that protects the flower is tilted down and the water does not fall on the pollen. The main pollinators of this plant are the bumble bees and pets. This is a fairly stable wood, it can withstand strong wind and frost.

Blueberry bloom: May.blurberries

The fruits of sweet cherries: Fruits are round, spherical. Because of the waxy coating, they seem to be gray, but in fact they are dark — blue. Berry lives up to its name after the removal of graying, then blueberry fruit ceases completely black.

Oploden fleshy, seed can be almost 40, and on average they are much smaller. The seeds are hard enough, so the bird can not digest them. Wood pigeons — birds that carry the seeds to a great distance, and thus propagate this bush blueberries.

A good honey plant, which is very tasty.

Habitat blueberries: Mostly in the nature of this shrub is native to the northern and colder areas. The main habitats are swamps, pine forests and getting in the way.

The constituent elements of blueberries: berries of this plant has in its composition is sufficiently small sugar vitamins. But there are many bilberry fruit vitamin A and B. As in many fruits is manganese, magnesium, calcium and fibers flavonoids. These berries — a very good source of vitamin such as vitamin C.

Practical use.

In general, the fruits of this plant are edible, it is used for making many desserts, as well as, jams, marmalades, compotes and other twists. These fruits can be stored frozen, they endure a long time. Many nations and nationalities are collecting blueberries — it is one of the main methods of income for these people.


This plant is very good honey plant, the nectar of its flowers makes a lot of honey, and honey and premium taste. Honey gives a very fragrant and tasty, light yellow in color.

Blueberries are used as colorant. To use the marking of meat extract of bilberry fruit.

Bilberry has a great medical value. Doctors recommend the soup and even porridge with blueberries that help from disorders of the stomach, kidneys and purify the body as a whole. Helps in the treatment of scurvy fresh blueberries.

But medicine uses not only the berries, but the leaves of this shrub. Internally accepted blueberry fruit and leaves, treatment of diseases of the stomach, eye, diabetes, as well in the treatment of Gerontology. From the leaves of this plant are made ointments and tinctures, which treat burns, wounds and bruises.

The glycoside which is present in bilberry fruit has the ability to lower blood sugar, however, doctors recommend use blueberry fruit in the initial stages of diabetes.

Full maturity of fruits mature in August, at which time they begin to harvest, because it is at this point fruits have a lot of vitamins. The fruit can be stored in wooden boxes, bags, paper bags. The fruits have a tendency to stand for long and does not spoil.

Many researchers and doctors believe that it is much blueberries improves night vision person. There are some indications that the pilots of the Second World War, by American troops during night flights were carrying specially jam or blueberry jam, to improve vision in the dark. But, in 2000, conducted a study that did not confirm this therapeutic property of blueberry fruit.

However, laboratory studies have shown that bilberry jam helps prevent retinal detachment. But therapy is not officially used.

Dye anthocyanin, which is found in the skin of blueberries are very useful for sick people. It greatly improves the internal and being positively influences on the circulatory system protects against eye diseases and cancer.

In this element, bilberry fruit contains a lot of substances that reduce inflammation. Blueberry extract is used in ophthalmology.

At the use of bilberry improves blood circulation in the retina of the eye. But if there comes a serious deterioration of vision, the blueberry does not work, then you have to appeal to a highly qualified doctor.

Besides the fact that blueberries are eaten, it is used more and shrubs in the landscape design. Bushes grow strongly, have beautiful leaves and beautiful large fruit, thereby decorate dachas and the places where they are grown.

Harm blueberries: When used bilberry fruit in large quantities, a person may experience constipation or indigestion.

Species and varieties of blueberries: Blueberries have a sufficiently large number of varieties and species. Many gardeners, knowing that the fruits of this shrub bring many benefits, blueberries are grown and breed new varieties.

Blueberry Garden — this is one of the most valuable varieties of this shrub. The fruits of this tree bring forth very much, a lot of them on the bush. The fruits are large enough and tasty. This variety can withstand extreme cold and great drought.blurberries

Blueberry Garden «Herbert» — this is the average grade of the blueberry bush is growing strongly. Fruits dark — blue, mature quickly enough. Planted and matures in warm regions of the country.

Blueberry Garden «Spartan» — fairly early variety of plants growing strongly. Fruits have a great flavor. It grows in partial shade or in low lighting. Spring frosts do not harm the flowers of the blueberry varieties.

Blueberry Garden «Nelson» — the fruits of this shrub to ripen very late. Berries are large enough and very tasty. Extremely cold-resistant species of blueberries.

Some species and varieties of blueberries can be quite massive and large. For example, in view of increasing America blueberry Rabbiteye, it may be a height of 9 meters. She has a lot of fruit that reach large diameters.

Some species and varieties of blueberries grow wild and some domesticated long ago. Many people grow blueberry bushes at their dachas. Some peoples and settlements collect blueberries in the forest, and then sell at the market, it is the main way of earning. Blueberry fruit on the market are valued highly enough.

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