Calories in a banana


Calories in a banana

Calories in a banana — very tasty and useful fruit. In some countries it is considered that it was banana Eve tempted Adam. Its pulp contains valuable fiber, pectin, enzymes, tannins, vitamins, calories in a banana and minerals. Especially a lot of potassium in it. But with all the existing advantages, it can hardly be called a dietary product.

Banana calories. The fact that the banana contains large amounts of carbohydrates, more than 22%. They do provide the body with energy, but 1-2 hours of this energy is dissipated quickly and there is a feeling of fatigue and hunger.

Many will be surprised to learn that the unripe green bananas more calories than ripe. And the thing is that in a short green fruits contain fatty acids that can easily penetrate from the intestine through the cell membrane into the blood and deposited in the form of accumulation in cells of the adipose tissue. Thus, green and ripe bananas can be considered back-up energy source, but they do not meet the dietary requirements of many.

Calories in banana — in 100 grams of ripe banana contains 80-90 calories. Calories in a banana — one of ripe fruit weight of 80 g — 70 kcal, 120 g — 110 kcal.

If we compare the green and ripe bananas, then we will see that unripe fruits are more caloric. In a green fruit weighing 120 grams contains 145 calories. And 100 grams of such delicacies as dried bananas calorie than 300 kcal.

Banana calories. For those who wish to lose weight, there are special banana diet: seven-day, two-week, banana, milk, apple and banana. If you like bananas, you can experience for yourself any of them, or have a banana-fasting day. But it is important to remember that bananas help improve the appetite, besides, they are very high in calories, so should not be increased in the diet of the recommended amount.

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