cherry fruitCherry — refers to the fruit

By — Latin name: Prunus avium.

By — English name: Cherry

Belongs to the family: Pink — Rosaceae

Used in everyday life of the cherry: fruit, sometimes wood, leaves.

Botanical description: This is a rather large family tree pink, is of the first magnitude. As a young man growing particularly quickly. In most cases, egg-shaped crown, but sometimes during the growth of other trees and in the course of their oppression, spreading and cherries can vary and be the cone or the other. A typical phenomenon for this tree is the presence of shoots. Bark at the young age of brown or silver, eventually ceases black or dark. The bark has numerous lenticels, bark peeling and curling, there is a lot of cracks.cherry fruit

The root system is expressed by one main root with more accessory slightly smaller roots, horizontal direction. Taproot, that is, the head is formed in the first years of the life of the tree, and eventually going on to add lateral roots.

There are three types of kidney: generative with which develop flowers, vegetative, which develop with the stems and branches, and in the future kidney mixed.

The leaves are green, not very large, up to 14 cm, egg-shaped. On leaves the surface slightly wrinkled.

The flowers appear in the form of umbrellas, white, bisexual. Appear shortly before leafing.

Cherry can reproduce in several ways, the economy dominated by seed propagation, but there is the option of breeding rootstocks and stool shoots.cherry fruit

From its closest relative, cherry, characterized in that in certain growing conditions habitat. Has a little fissured bark than cherries, leaves more fruit tastes better and is lighter in color.

Flowering, fruiting: April — July.

The fruits of sweet cherries: real drupes. There are meaty, juicy and very tasty pericarp. The shape of the fruit can be oval, round or heart-shaped. Color black cherry fruit, too, is varied — from light — yellow, to red — brown. In diameter reach up to 2 cm, depending on the type of cherry. Putamen slightly elongated, globular. The fruit is covered with a dark-skinned red.

Habitat: The plant will require a sufficient amount of heat and a lot of rain. It grows in Southern Europe. It requires a mild winter, although the crust can withstand heavy frosts. Wet summer great choice for such a tree. Cherry is the most common in South and Central Europe, CIS countries especially a lot of the tree.cherry fruit

On acid soils cherry growing is bad enough. If the root system is near the ground water, the tree probably will not grow well.

Wood is used to 15 years, after crossing this period, it almost does not bear fruit. It should be cut off and form a crown. Cherry — is a cultivated plant, which is needed for the child.

The constituent elements of cherries: In the fruit of the tree contains a lot of organic elements, fructose, glucose, sucrose. The composition of sweet cherry fruit also contains the following elements and vitamins:

— Iron, iodine;

— Potassium, calcium, magnesium;

— Pectin, substances from the group of flavonoids.

Its fruit is rich in vitamin A, C, B1, B2, and others.cherry fruit

Practical use

The fruits of this tree are edible and delicious. Therefore, they are widely used. They are highly valued in the market. They are not only suitable for fresh consumption, but also for various types of processing: fruit wine, swirl, compotes, jams and preserves.

Cherry wood is often used as firewood. Especially valuable wood for cooking meats over an open fire, such as barbecue.

The use of cherry: fruit of the tree has a sufficiently large amount of vitamins and life-giving materials which have a positive effect on the body.

Damage to sweet cherries: Fleshy fruits, like any other, can preserve a nitrate. When injected into the human body nitrate, together with the fruits of black cherry, is poisoning the body and a significant decline in health.cherry fruit

Sweet cherry varieties: The tree of — for their taste has many varieties and species, bred by man for his own use and enjoyment. The best known varieties are: Bereket, Demeter, Dolores, Shpanka, Jaroslavna, dessert, Anushka, Scarlet, Daiber black Gronkavaya and many others.

Cherry is a very valuable not only for its fruit and wood. Sometimes, the leaves of sweet cherry is used for rolling along with vegetables. They give the vegetables a nice flavor and retain the spin longer. Sometimes the leaves and bark of black cherry used in folk medicine, making different drawing for ointments and tinctures.

Cherry is known around the world, many people like to eat to enjoy its fruits.

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