Chokeberry — relate to the fruit

The name in Latin: Arónia melanocárpa

Title in English: Сhokeberry

Treat the family: Pink — Rosaceae

Used in everyday life of chokeberry: fruit, leaves

Botanical description:

A low tree (about 15 m in height) or shrub with smooth bark, thick crown. Young branches pubescent, grayish-red color, with big fluffy buds. Pubescent leaves (up to 20cm), odd-pinnate, alternate, consisting of 9-15 oblong or lanceolate, toothed, pointed at the edge of the sheets. Numerous flowers, gathered in corymbose inflorescence complex, each of which downy. Urnopodobnoy shaped receptacle, naked, calyx with five sepals shirokotreugolnymi ciliates. White corolla (up to 1.5 cm in diameter), five petals, many stamens, one pistil, three columns, the lower ovary.

The fruit Aronia: Fruit — spherical, orange-red.

Flowering: May

Habitat: native to eastern North America.

Food, Phytoncidic, wood, a honey, tanidonosnoe, medicinal, ornamental, coloring, phyto-reclamation plant.

The fruits are generally used for canning, processing, and are eaten fresh. Rowan berries — the perfect raw material for a soft pastry making. From fruits chokeberry prepare jam, jelly filling for chocolates, jellies, candy, jam. Of dried fruits produce powders and flour. Fruit ash contain vitamin C (about 160 mg), P, E, K, carotene (56 mg to — more than some varieties of carrots), organic acids (malic, citric, tartaric, succinic, sorbic), bitter, pectin and tannic , amino acids, essential oils, sorbitol, alcohol, sorbose, which is made of vitamin C, potassium salts, calcium, sodium, magnesium. Seeds of chokeberry have a fatty oil (up 22%), glycoside amygdalin. The presence of vitamin E in the fruit and plenty of carotene raise rowan on one of the highest among the other fruit plants. Rowan actively produces volatile.

The constituent elements of black chokeberry.

The composition of 100 g Aronia includes:

Vitamins are a part of chokeberry:

  • Vitamin B1 — 0.0156 mg
  • Vitamin B3 — 0,354 mg
  • Vitamin A — 1.23 mg
  • Vitamin B6 — 0.0645 mg
  • Vitamin C — 15.45 mg
  • Vitamin E — 1,501 mg
  • Vitamin B2 — 0,027 mg
  • Vitamin K — 0.83 mg
  • Vitamin B5 — 0.54 mg
  • Vitamin P — 2000 mg
  • Vitamin B9 — 1.7 mcg

Macro elements that are part of chokeberry:

  • Calcium — 28 mg
  • Potassium -158 mg
  • Magnesium -14 mg
  • Phosphorus — 55 mg
  • Sodium — 4 mg

Trace elements that are part of chokeberry:

  • Iron — 1.28 mg
  • Manganese — 0.5 mg
  • Iodine — 8.5 mcg

Energy value of chokeberry.

  • In 100 chokeberry about 52 calories.

Practical use.

In traditional medicine, it is recommended to apply the berries of mountain ash as a multivitamin, hemostatic, and urinary and cholagogue, and Aronia berries — for the treatment of hypertension. In alternative medicine used blossoms and berries of mountain ash for the treatment of kidney stones, as well as gastro-intestinal disorders, colds, metabolic disorders, and a decoction of the bark of a tree — in hypertension. Rowan berries are used as a diuretic. In veterinary medicine, use a strong decoction of the fruit chokeberry for the treatment of pulmonary diseases of animals. Chokeberry has a fine-pored reddish heartwood, from which the furniture and turned parts. To be well maintained in winter potatoes and vegetables, they pour the crushed leaves (b) As an employer, you must direct a collection under direct observation of an employee if the ecstasy test is a return-to-duty test or a follow-up test. of mountain ash.

All kinds of mountain ash — the average performance of honey plants, good pyltsenosy, their nectar up to 40 kg per 1 ha. Ash honey reddish color, with a strong pleasant aroma. At times a mountain ash isolated sucker Pad.

The fruits of mountain ash — perfect fodder for wild animals and birds. Fruits chokeberry used for feeding poultry. Finely porous high-quality wood is a good material for woodwork and turning products, it is made of flutes, clarinets and handles for musical instruments, etc.

Useful properties of aronia

Who better to tell us about the benefits of chokeberry but its diverse and rich composition. And it consists of tannin, ascorbic acid, organic acids, boron, copper, molybdenum, manganese, iodine and others, are no less important minerals. Scientifically proven benefits of chokeberry in the fight against atherosclerosis. Fresh chokeberry is recommended for use to strengthen the cardiovascular system, because it has the ability to positively influence the state of the vessels. Aronia is recommended for use in gastritis with low acidity, as it contributes to this figure and activates the gastric juice.

Huge iodine content in the berries of mountain ash has beneficial effects on the thyroid gland. That"s why chokeberry recommended for use in diseases of the thyroid gland in radiation sickness.

Fine ash affects the nervous system, and helps to normalize the processes of the brain. It is recommended to use the pock in periods of stress and emotional strain. In alternative medicine also used the leaves of mountain ash. Preparations made on the basis of leaves of mountain ash, are perfectly valid cholagogue. Chokeberry has a beneficial effect on the liver, as well as the production of bile. Aronia is recommended to include in the food to the people who are suffering for cancer.

Harm chokeberry

If you"re gastritis with high acidity of the stomach, then you should not use black chokeberry. It is preferable not to use it for people with intolerance to this product and for the people suffering hypertension.

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