Dogwood — refers to the fruit.

In Latin name: Cornus mas

In English name: Dogwood

Treat the family: Cornaceae

Used in everyday life of the barberry: fruit

Botanical description:

Large shrub (2 to 5 m) or small tree with a rounded crown. Gray-green shoots, and the old — covered fissured bark, gray. Opposite leaves, lanceolate to ovate (6-10 cm long), entire, green, on short petioles, as well as plate, covered with appressed hairs. Small flowers (10 mm in diameter), yellow-gold colored, that are collected in umbellate inflorescences. Each such inflorescence flowers 5 to 9, which are surrounded by common Four-wrap. 4-5-membered flower, bisexual and stamens — 5, one pistil, with the lower ovary.

The fruit of the dogwood: Dark red (yellow or pink) berry, juicy drupe (12 to 30 mm long, pear-shaped or oval. Fixed, almost smooth bone, fusiform.

Flowering: March — April

Habitat: native to Eurasia and North America.

Food, vitaminoznoe, coloring, tanidonosnoe, medicine, wood, decorative, honey plant.

Pleasant sweet-sour taste of berries. Fresh fruit of the dogwood is widely used as food. Of them produce juices, extracts, syrups, wines (which are marked a peculiar aroma and flavor), jam, marshmallow, jam, filling for chocolates, jellies, marshmallows. Caucasians of dogwood make pita bread, which has good antiscorbutic and dietary properties. Dried and fresh fruits are used as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes. High taste of the berries due to the presence of sugar, citric, malic and succinic acids (about 2.5%), essential oils, pectin and tannins, vitamin C (up to 55%). Grape seeds contain oil (about 34%). The roasted seeds are used as a substitute for coffee, and leaves — as a coffee substitute.

The constituent elements of the dogwood.

The composition of 100 g dogwood includes:

  • Water — 85.2 g
  • Carbohydrates — 9.73 g
  • Proteins — 0,899 g
  • Fiber — 1.6 g
  • Organic Acid — 2.23 g
  • Ash — 0.83 g
  • Disaccharides — 9.23 g

Vitamins are a part of the dogwood:

  • Vitamin C — 0,166 mg
  • Vitamin PP — 45 mg

Macronutrients that make up the dogwood:

  • Potassium — 363.0 mg
  • Sodium — 32.38 mg
  • Calcium — 55.3 mg
  • Phosphorus — 34.54 mg
  • Magnesium — 26.5 mg

Trace elements that are part of the dogwood:

  • Iron — 4.13 mg

Caloric dogwood.

  • 100 g of dogwood contains about 44 calories.

Practical use of the dogwood.

Dogwood in traditional medicine should be used for appetite stimulation and as a febrifuge. Dried fruits of dogwood uses for colds and gastro-intestinal diseases. If homeopathy is used essence of fresh bark cornel tree.

Solid wood and very beautiful, with light brownish red sap and core wonderfully polished and highly regarded as a material for turning and joinery. Also dogwood is an excellent substitute for boxwood.

The leaves and bark contains tannin cornel tree online casino canada (up to 15%), which allows you to paint skin yellow. Tanning thick skins are also suitable tannin dogwood.

Useful properties of the dogwood

Very often the dogwood used for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. The fruits of this tree are used in the treatment of gout, hemorrhoids, typhoid, dysentery, anemia, gastro-intestinal diseases, skin diseases, arthritis. Dogwood is a diuretic, choleretic, antiscorbutic, antipyretic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.

Tannins that are part of the dogwood, making it an excellent astringent, which is used in digestive disorders. In order to prevent, dogwood is used for lead poisoning and mercury vapor, and other toxic substances.

Cornus fruits reduced metabolism and stimulate appetite. Also useful tree berry cornel diabetes, since they do not allow blood glucose increase and enhance the enzymatic activity of the stomach, thus facilitating digestion.

Tinctures and drinks made from berries of dogwood, it is recommended to use the bleeding and gastrointestinal disorders as well as diseases of the mouth. Cornel juice has a pronounced tonic and invigorating effect.

Damage to dogwood

People who are constipated or complain of acidity, as well as the people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, eat dogwood is prohibited. Also it is not recommended, and people who excitable nervous system. Cornel juice should not be consumed at night, as it has a good tonic effect.

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