Grapefruit  fruitGrapefruit — refers to the fruit

By — Latin name: Citrus paradisi

By — English: Grapefruit

Belongs to the family: Rutaceae

Used in everyday life of grapefruit: Fruit

Botanical description: Grapefruit grows on a tree that belongs to the family of citrus fruits. Fruits grow up to 15 cm in diameter. Externally, the fruit grapefruit is very similar to an orange, but the flesh is red and sour, gives bitterness. Presumably grapefruit is the result of natural hybridization. The name is formed from the English word «grapes» and "fruit."

This is quite a tall evergreen tree that can reach a height of 6 meters, in some cases, up to 12 meters. The leaves on the tree, grapefruit green, thin, fairly long, up to 15 cm flowers are quite beautiful, white, with a few petals in diameter and 5 cm fruit covered with red-skinned, thick enough with small dimples and bumps. Red flesh color, the same as in orange. The bark of this tree is smooth, sometimes visible small cracks.

Flowering, fruiting: Flowers in May, fruiting in December.

The fruit of grapefruit: The fruit of this tree is about 15 cm in diameter, they hang poodinochno, or a few pieces on the tree. The fruits are large enough, the weight of a can range from 400 to 600 grams. The rind of the fruit is quite thick, reddish color, poorly torn off from the pulp. Peel shiny, may be light — yellow. Fruit pulp is very yellow, or greenish — yellow. The taste is slightly bitter but the flesh is very tasty.Grapefruit  fruit

Habitat: This fruit is almost not growing in the wild. Science does not know of a case where a grapefruit growing in the wild. People began to cultivate this fruit from the end of the twentieth century. He can not live in extreme cold and in the face of considerable dryness of the air. At a temperature of 12 to 15 degrees below zero grapefruit tree dies. Most plantations with this fruit is on the Black Sea coast in Georgia and China.

The constituent elements of grapefruit: As part of the fruit of grapefruit has a lot of sugar, just as it is water, mineral salts, such as potassium and others. Just flesh contains a lot of organic acids such as malic and citric. The composition of vitamins that are in the flesh grapefruit:

— Vitamin D;

— Vitamin B;

— Vitamin P;

— A lot of pectin.

The grapefruit is a lot of glycosides, which have anti-sclerotic effect.

Practical use:

In food grapefruit preferably used raw as they are added to fruit salads. From the pulp of the fruit of grapefruit make many kinds of jam, juice of them survive and make a lot of different desserts. Grapefruit essential oil is produced, which are then added at different confections. Grapefruit juice used in alcoholic beverages, as additives.

Grapefruit, or rather its flavor, often used for the manufacture of toilet water and various spirits. Sometimes grapefruit juice is used to create beauty masks and various elements of cosmetics.

Grapefruit juice is used as well as medicine. He takes an active effect with many medicines. Keep in mind that when taking certain drugs should consult with your doctor about taking the fruits of grapefruit. The juice of this fruit is an overdose of drugs — for what he has podsilivayuschie action on such funds. Grapefruit juice improves the flow of blood in the body, so the drugs act quickly throughout the body and act with great force and speed.

Grapefruit contains elements that remove cholesterol and nitrates from human liver and kidney, which takes a piece of fruit. If you take the din grapefruit a day regularly, after a while the cholesterol in the body is fully normalizes. This fruit doctors recommend that people who have a problem with the immune system, as well as problems with the circulatory system and the heart. The researchers conducted experiments that confirmed that grapefruits with red pulp have a lot more nutrients than grapefruits with yellow flesh.

Scientists argue that the seeds of grapefruit extract or rather one of them has antibacterial properties and helps to treat various fungal diseases. But it is not confirmed by deep research in this area.

This fruit is recommended for people who have low stomach acid, and grapefruit pulp has all the necessary substances that help to restore the acidity of the stomach.

Grapefruit  fruit

As mentioned, the grapefruit has the ability to accelerate all the action in the body, so it is eaten in the diet. There is even a special grapefruit diet, which is based on the consumption of this fruit only. Grapefruit speeds up the metabolism.

Researchers claim that grapefruit can help not only the diet, but also in diabetes. Grapefruit juice has components that replace sugar in the blood and the amount is optimized. In the blood sugar decreases, and thus decreases the need to take insulin.

It is recommended to eat every day, one grapefruit, to feel more healthy and strong. Grapefruit juice is very invigorating and rewarding, it positively affects many body systems.

The man is not only the fruit of grapefruit, but the bark of the tree. To strengthen the gums and teeth need to soak the bark of a grapefruit in boiling water and rinse your mouth for a few minutes.

Grapefruit can be treated even stress, it needs to bake in the oven grapefruit pulp with sugar and cinnamon.

The harm of grapefruit: You can not eat grapefruit in some diseases of the stomach. Such as gastritis, colitis and acute nephritis. Besides, grapefruit enhances metabolism and take it with various drugs, particularly antibiotics and is not recommended, to avoid overdosing or inducing allergic reactions.

Varieties of grapefruit: In the world knows about 20 kinds of varieties of grapefruit. They are divided into two different species or varieties. White grapefruit — it is yellow-fleshed, slightly sour and gives bitterness. There's also a red grapefruit with red flesh, it is more bitter and more acidic, but the size of it anymore. It was from the first grade of red grapefruit happened removal of all other varieties of red fruit. As well, it may be noted the presence of varieties of seeds inside the fruit, or the lack thereof. Here are the main varieties of grapefruit:

Duncan — is one of the oldest varieties of grapefruit. In the fruit enough seeds, pulp whitish yellow color, the variety of grapefruit quite sweet and delicious. This variety is suitable for squeezing juice from the fruit.

Marsh — it's the same old brand of grapefruit. He fruit of medium size, have a fairly smooth rind, it is usually yellowish or reddish color. Inside, the flesh is almost seedless. The flesh is quite sweet sour taste. This variety, like the previous one is good for juicing.

Red grapefruit — this variety there are no seeds inside the fruit. Peel yellow and has a slight red tint. By the end of the season becomes a beige flesh, but in general it is yellow — red.

Ruby red grapefruit — the fruits of this variety are smooth and quite large, pitted. The rind has red pigments. On the palate the fruit is very sweet, almost gives bitterness. Time to collect this sort of grapefruit — this September — July.Grapefruit  fruit

White grapefruit — is one of the most popular varieties of grapefruit in the world, is like a native of America. The fruits of this variety are used for extracting juice, as well as for fresh consumption. This is different from a fruit such that it, the flesh had almost white. The thickness of the rind is big enough.

Grapefruit flame — is known all around the world, thanks to the fact that he has some of the best flavor. Buy it and use people all over the world. Flesh is this variety of red grapefruit, very tasty with a touch of bitterness.

Oroblanco — in the fruits of this variety are completely absent bones. By the size of the fruit is much smaller than all the others, but in terms of taste it is not inferior to anyone. Flesh is white with a yellow pigment. The rind is thicker than all other fruits.

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