Pineapple fruitPineapple — refers to the fruit.

By — Latin Ananas

By — English Rineapple

Belongs to the family Bromeliads

Used in the home of the pineapple pineapple seed heads.

Botanical description This is a ground-trees, herbaceous species, s prickly stems and leaves large enough. Adventitious roots, of which there are many, collecting water directly over the soil and absorb the moisture that accumulates on the surface of stems and leaves.

The leaves of the pineapple is very large and fleshy, up to 80 cm, they are covered with a thick layer of the epidermis, these leaf discs store up moisture. During the rainy season moisture accumulates in the tissues of the leaves of this plant.

At a time when the rosette leaves are formed, the growth point of inflorescence is formed, which has a lot of flowers. Flowering lasts about 20 days, then turns stem yellowish brown. It consists of the ovaries, which are fused with bracts. At the top of the fetus is developing a group of leaves that are vegetative.Pineapple fruit

Flowering Flowers in the summer months.

The fruit of the pineapple Pineapple is a beautiful and quite a stem, which is accepted by people as food. This is quite a valuable food product. Weight pineapple fruit usually varies from 0.8 kg to 2 kg. Individual copies of individual fruits weigh a lot, up to 5 kg. Pineapples are grown in a culture, do not contain seeds.

At the beginning of ripening pineapple fruit greenish color, with the time ripe pineapple, the fruit is a beautiful yellow — golden brown, or brown. Color changes as the maturation of the plant. The fruits ripen fast enough for optimally selected temperatures during gestation up to 25 days.Pineapple fruit

The optimum temperature for ripening pineapple — about 9 degrees Celsius. The flesh of the plant white, or yellowish — white, it has a very pleasant taste and a sweet aroma. Pineapple fruit has a sweet, sour taste.

Pineapple is very nizkokalorinen, it contains 100 grams of a substance only 45 calories.

When improper transport of the fruit, the fruit spoil, if you pick too cold, it can happen zastuzhivanie fruit pineapple. The walls of the fetal cells are rapidly destroyed and filled with moisture, causing rotting of the fruit is pineapple.

Just like properties may have over-ripe pineapple. It is very similar to perestuzhenny fruit of this plant.

Habitat Pineapple This fruit is grown mainly in South America, in countries such as Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and the like. Pineapple grows in tropical parts of the continent.

The constituent elements the fruit of pineapple sweet and tasty enough. It contains a lot of sugar, about 11%. The composition of sugars in the pineapple is glucose, fructose, sucrose. Also, in the flesh of the fruit is pineapple 0.4% organic acids, mainly to the composition of these acids include citric and tartaric. In mature pineapple pulp incorporating a nitrogen and other elements like. In the fruit of pineapple is very high in potassium, pectin and others.

Its fruit has a lot of vitamins that are helpful to people. In the structure there are a lot of vitamins, such as vitamin A, B1, B2, C, and vitamin A.

Practical use

Pineapple fruitThis pineapple, especially useful for children and the sick, it increases the hemoglobin and contains many useful substances. This product is recommended in the acidity of the body.

Most often, pineapples consumed fresh, they are served on the table in the form of a dessert, they are very tasty and healthy. Before eating, cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple, then cut the fruit peel. To use pineapple cut in circles.

Pineapple is very useful for people who have decided to lose weight. Pineapple can be served for breakfast, along with other fruits. Nutrition pineapple increase the rate of healing of various wounds and injuries. Pineapple juice is very crisp and brings to the body a lot of vitamins.

Bromelain, which is found in pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties.

Another brand new action pineapple on the human body doctors noticed recently. Pineapple juice contains enzymes that are converted in the body into useful substances that help fight cancer cells. It turns out that some of the tribes that live near the Amazon have long been using pineapple to combat this disease.

Already there are many drugs on the basis of pineapple substances that produce cancer prevention.

Pineapple is widely used in folk medicine. Especially a lot of recipes are treating the peoples of South America, which are engaged in the cultivation of pineapples.

Pineapple fruit

In doing pineapple fruit pulp, which benefits from bedsores, skin diseases and other related diseases of the human organism.

In some Caribbean countries, people take the pineapple fruit in order to increase the potency and sex drive. Pineapple sell a lot of people, some people do business, by growing these foods.

Some countries use a pineapple to its fruits feed domestic animals, such as pigs and cows.
Pineapple harm It is very carefully eat pineapple, too much pineapple juice content in the body can cause an allergic reaction. If you eat a lot of fruit, it may be poisonous. Pineapple pulp as the pulp and many other fruits can accumulate nitrates and other harmful substances.

Pineapple varieties There are so many kinds of pineapple, the most common of them — it's smooth Cayenne, Red Spanish, Monte Lirio, Quinn, Singapore. All pineapples among themselves differ in color, taste, shape and size. In some pineapple pulp tougher in some softer, some yellowish color of the flesh, and in some almost white.

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