Strawberries fruitStrawberry — refers to the fruit.

In Latin name: Fragária moscháta

In English name: strawberries

Treat the family: Pink — Rosaceae

Used in everyday life of strawberries: fruit, pieces of the root.

Botanical description: Herbaceous perennial plant height of 5-30 cm, has a long creeping stems that take root at the nodes of a short horizontal rhizome. Erect or ascending stems, covered with protruding from the bottom and at the top — with appressed hairs. Trifoliate leaves, radical — on long petioles, with oval-rhombic, dark-green, bottom — blue-green, sholkovistoopushenimy leaves. Stipules adnate to the cuttings. The flowers are white (up to 20mm in diameter), are collected in corymbose inflorescences correct rozdelnolepestvokye bisexual. Calyx pyatirozdelnaya with epicalyx of the smaller leaves. Petals obovate, 4-10 mm long. A lot of stamens and pistils, which are located on the receptacle.

Flowering: May

Strawberry fruit: Fruit — bacciform, cone, the base covered with achenes, bright — red.

Habitat: In the wild strawberry and a cultural form native to Europe, North and South America.

The fruits contain up to 10% sugar, malic and citric acid and salicylic acid (1.6%), pectin, tannins and pigments. Also, the berries contain high amounts of iron, essential oils, trace elements, biologically active substances.

Leaves and strawberries are rich in the B vitamins. So strawberry fruits contain up to 60 mg of ascorbic acid, 0.08 mg carotene, vitamins B1, B2, K, B3. Strawberry leaves — a source of vitamin C, as they are used as a substitute for tea.

The constituent elements of strawberries.

The composition of 100 g strawberries include:Strawberries fruit

Water — 87 g

Fat — 0.4g

Carbohydrates — 7g

Protein — 0.8g

Monosaccharides — 7.4 g

Inorganic substances — 0.4 g

Organic Acid — 1.33 g

Dietary fiber — 2.2 g

Vitamins that make up the strawberries:

Vitamin A — 0,031 mg

Vitamin C — 60.2 mg

Vitamin B6 — 0.061 mg

Vitamin B2 — 0.05 mg

Vitamin B3 — 0.3 mcg

Vitamin B9 — 20 mg

Vitamin B1 — 0,029 mg

Vitamin E — 0.81 mg

Vitamin H — 4.19 micrograms

Macronutrients that make up the strawberries:

Potassium — 161 mg

Phosphorus — 23 mg

Sodium — 18 mg

Magnesium — 18.1 mg

Chlorine — 16 mg

Calcium — 40mg

Sulphur — 12 mg

Trace elements that make up the pears:

Iron — 1.21 mg

Manganese — 0.21 mg

Copper — 0.123 mg

Zinc — 97 mg

Fluoride — 18.29 g

Chromium — 2.21 micrograms

Iodine — 1mkg

Bor — 184.9 g

Selenium — 0.75 mg

Nickel — 2.23 g

Vanadium — 9.1 mg

Molybdenum — 10 mg

Cobalt — 4.19 micrograms

Energy value of strawberries.

100g of strawberries contains about 36 calories.

Practical use.Strawberries fruit

Food, vitaminoznoe, medicine, tanidonosnoe, cosmetic plant. Strawberry fruit consumed fresh, dried or canned form. The berries are preparing jellies, jams, compotes, jams, fillings for cakes and sweets and other confectionery products, as well as the manufacture of juices syrups 1dlja extracts of various drinks. Drinks from strawberries are delicate and pleasant taste.

Benefits of strawberries.

In medicine widely used leaves and strawberry fruit — as a weakened diuretic, kidney stones, gout, gallstones, anemia, uterine bleeding.

Treatment of strawberries is very popular in folk medicine. Berries strawberries are used as a diuretic for kidney disease, liver, leukemia, anemia and insomnia, strawberry leaves are used for hypertension and normalization of metabolism. The roots of strawberry bush is used for rheumatism. Homeopathy is used for the treatment of strawberry fruit. Strawberry fruit juice rubbed hives in order to prevent the disease of bees. In cosmetic use masks made from strawberries and strawberry juice — to remove lichen and freckles.

Damage to strawberry.

Strawberry is considered allergenic product. Salicylic acid and oxalic acids that make up the strawberries, not rarely cause exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, tooth decay, osteoporosis, kidney stones, cystitis and pyelonephritis.

Growing strawberries.

Growing strawberries is always interested in all gardeners. Since this product is considered to be one of the most favorite and most delicious crops.

Strawberries are very good breed and take root. Also, it is not demanding to soil and climate.

To get a good crop to follow some tips. The first step is to choose the right place to land. The perfect place to plant strawberries is flat terrain. For a good growing strawberries need good lighting and a high level of protection from the wind. The place where the cultivation of strawberries is not supposed to be wet, as this may have an adverse effect on the strawberry.

To prepare the proper soil to add to the soil humus and sawdust. The best time for planting strawberries is the end of July. Seedlings of plants are best planted later in the day or not sunny weather. Because of this, it will be easier to acclimate Kutama. After the landing, it is important to water the bushes carefully, for better preservation of the root system.

One month after planting strawberries useful loosening the earth, as it promotes the flow of oxygen to the roots.

Strawberry varieties.

Early varieties

Darenkov — cone-shaped berries early growth. Color — dark red. Variety is sweet, with a taste of strawberry timber. Advantages: high yield.

Alba — sredneroslye bushes with very large berries, bright red color. Sweet-and-sour, sweet taste. Advantages: high portability and resistance to disease.

Octave — Ukrainian grade. Large berries, shiny, dark-red color. Variety is very juicy, fragrant, pleasant to the taste. Advantages: high yield and transportability.

Roseanne — srednerosloe plant with large berries of intense red. Sweet-and-sour taste with a rich aroma. Advantages: resistant to diseases, high yield.

Elkat — mid-early variety with berries rounded-conical shape, bright red color. The taste is very berry juicy, refreshing. Advantages: high frost — and drought resistance.

Marvelous — a powerful bush with long, large berries. The taste is very sweet, with a taste of wild strawberries. Advantages: high portability, high winter hardiness, resistance to drought.

Capital — rannesredny grade. Fruits are oval, large, dark-red color. The taste of sweet and aromatic. Advantages: compact, high yield, high drought tolerance, disease resistance.

Average gradesStrawberries fruit

Stranger — Vigorous, spreading shrub with large berries, dark red in color. Sweet, aromatic flavor, aftertaste with wild strawberries. Advantages: well maintained.

Carmen — tall shrub with large berries, dark red in color. The taste is great, honey. Advantages: high yield, resistance to disease.

Masha — sredneraskidistye bushes with very large berries, dark red, brilliant color. Pleasant, sweet-sour taste. Advantages: high yield.

Forget-me-not — high bush berries large, shiny, bright-red color. Very delicious, juicy fruit. Advantages: abundant and continuous fruiting, high resistance to disease.

Anastasia — erect shrub with srednekrupnoy berries, dark red in color. Rich has a sweet taste and aroma. Advantages: high resistance to diseases and pests.


RUSICH — ball-shaped shrub with large berries, dark red in color. Berries are sweet and sour, rich taste. Advantages: Increased drought — and frost, high resistance to disease.

Symphony — leaf-bearing bushes with large berries, bright red color. Berries are an excellent taste. Advantages: high frost resistance, resistance to gray mold and fading.

Late varieties

Chelsea Pensioner — sort of late ripening berries with a deep red color. The taste of autumn sweet and juicy. Advantages: good transportability.

United Kingdom — large-fruited variety with very large berries. The fruits of this variety are very juicy and sweet.

Profyuzhen — strawberry dessert variety. Berries are large, bright red color. The fruits of excellent flavor and aroma. Advantages: resistance to disease.

Charlotte — French variety with large heart-shaped berries. The taste is very sweet and aromatic, with a flavor of strawberries. Advantages: high yield, resistance to disease.

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