Strawberry, Strawberries, fruit, leavesStrawberries — refers to the fruit

By — Latin name: Fragária

By — English name: Strawberry

Belongs to the family: Pink — Rosaceae

Used in everyday life of strawberries: fruit, leaves.

Botanical description: This herb is not very high, up to 10 cm in height. Green leaves are trifoliate, the stems are long enough. Shoots are long, creeping, eventually take root.

The roots lie deep enough, up to 25 — 30 cm fibrous root system. Do strawberry inflorescence consists in guard. Strawberry flowers are pollinated by insects, such as bees and bumble bees household, bisexual flowers are usually white or yellow. The flowers have a lot of stamens and pistils.

Flowering Period: May — June.

The fruit of strawberries: often colloquially referred to as simply the fruit of strawberries, a strawberry. They are quite small, red or brownish in color, sometimes referred to as a false berry. Seeds are surface fetal yellow or light brown. After falling off a strawberry berry seeds into the soil and eventually germinate. The fruit is quite tasty and delicate. Often going for fresh consumption.Strawberry, Strawberries, fruit, leaves

Habitat strawberries: Strawberries are very common in Europe, Asia and even in America. A lot of strawberries in the steppe areas, it grows in dry places. A lot of strawberries in the woods and forest glades. Strawberries grow well in the shade of many deciduous or coniferous trees.

Strawberries can be grown in their beds, good precursors for planting this plant is onions, potatoes, beets and other vegetables, which are often grown in the garden and in the beds.

If strawberries are grown in the area before, it is best to have passed about 5 years after the earlier already had a pick of this plant. Strawberries — is a perennial plant, but at one and the same place it can not grow more than 4 years. Provided that the added strawberry foliar or organic additives, can be grown in one portion to 7 years.

Be sure that the soil pH was normal. Too high acidity can cause the leaves and the fruits of strawberries povyanut will not be full-fledged.

For normal growth and development of strawberry bushes, you need a thorough and timely watering of the plants or the leaves and stem povyanut may dry up.

Before planting strawberry bushes in the holes where bush is put to make the addition of organic and water. Strawberries on a very positive effect adding potassium and chlorine adversely affects enough.

The constituent elements of strawberry fruit: The fruit of this plant is very widely used by people for ingestion. They contain a lot of vitamins that are very beneficial to people. Fruits contain large amounts of organic acids, sugars much, as there are tanning and dyeing materials. In the fruit of strawberries have a lot of vitamin C. Mostly malic acid, which is of great benefit to the human body.

In the fruit of a lot of sugar, it is mainly represented by sucrose, glucose and fructose.

Practical use:

First of all, strawberries are grown for use with food. From it makes a lot of delicious desserts, compotes, jams and marmalades. In the fruit of strawberries contains a large amount of beneficial vitamins, so they are recommended to eat fresh. Doctors recommend eating strawberries for people who have low levels of hemoglobin, as well as for people who have problems with circulation of blood and the circulatory system.

But the fruit of the strawberry is not only used as food. It has other uses. Strawberry fruit can be used as a treatment against burns, wounds, bruises. With fruit pulp rubbed, smeared on the wound, after a while the wound heals.

As a remedy, the fruits and leaves of wild strawberry are mentioned in the ancient scriptures. The leaves of wild strawberry, like the fruit has a huge number of actions, such as: anti-inflammatory, diuretic, astringent, and many more.

The fruits of strawberries help participation or slow heart beat, normalize heart rhythm.

Studies have shown that in the fruits of strawberries have a large number of different kinds of acids. So scientists produce extract of strawberry fruit, which is used in many fields of human activity.

The berries of this plant are very useful sick and healthy people, and especially children. This plant is not only useful berries, but leaves. They are harvested during the flowering plants and dried in a well-ventilated area.

There are many folk remedies use strawberry leaves. Of these do tincture which helps in various human diseases. Infusion of silt strawberry leaves benefits from stomach ailments and asthma.

To get into a lot of vitamins in the body, from the leaves and fruits of strawberries make the broth, which is then consumed.

Strawberries are used to treat hypertension. Also, strawberries helps to awaken the appetite in sick people. Strawberries can be quite a good body cleanser, it helps in the treatment of kidney and liver removes toxins and nitrates.

Strawberries make a lot of dishes, which have a lot of recipes in traditional cooking.

Damage to strawberries: Despite the fact that strawberries have a huge amount of nutrients and vitamins from — for their use, some people may develop an allergic reaction. The man, who is redness of the skin and allergic condition should take an injection to prevent an unwanted outcome. It all depends on how sensitive the human body, which used the strawberries.

Strawberry varieties and species: There are many varieties of this plant, some of them very early, other early, there is a recent, but there are varieties that produce fruit almost before frost.Strawberry, Strawberries, fruit, leaves

Sudarushka — generates a lot of outlets, inflorescences are large and quite thick. Berries without neck, symmetric, large enough. It is very cold hardy variety, it can withstand quite low temperatures. This variety belongs to rannesozrevayuschemu grade. Sometimes the variety of strawberry bushes botrytis affected. There are several sub-types of the class, one of the most famous of them — is Albion and Cardinal.

Queen Elizabeth — the berries are very large and quite bright color, taste good, contain a lot of vitamins that are useful to humans. But by September flavor of the variety worsen. Provided that the bush does not freeze in winter, the fruits ripen very early spring. Whiskers are formed on the very numerical outlet. This variety of strawberry grown in suburban areas. There are several varieties of this sort: Elizabeth II, Selva, Tristar, Profzhn and many others who are not different taste qualities.

There are several varieties of strawberries that are related to the very early varieties, such as gums and Bereginya.

Early varieties.

Stranger — this bush is growing very strongly and scatter on a plot on which it grows. Strawberry berries dark red in color, covered with skin. This variety is quite resistant to disease and various types of fungi.

Talca — has a very high yield, very resistant to diseases and various viruses. Particularly resistant to powdery mildew.

Junius Smayds — has a fairly high shrub that grows very strongly on the site. The first berry picking up early enough. Strawberry berries at the first gathering sufficiently large and sweet. When gathering, closer to September fruits lose flavor. Very tolerates frost and winter cold. Recommended thatched shelter in snowy winter.Strawberry, Strawberries, fruit, leaves

This variety has several sub strawberries, for example, Olbia, Holosiivska, Flamingo, Pocahontas.

There are many species that ripen in late spring. These classes include: Uralochka Rose, Daisy Festival, Source, Madame Muto, Tenir and others.

There are many species of wild strawberry, the fruit of which ripens quite late. Such arbutus berries have good flavor and aroma. These classes include: Tsarskoselskaya strawberries, Elsanta, Torch, Zodiac, Gigantella Maxi, Amulet and many others.

There are many varieties of cultivated species of wild strawberries. But there is a wild strawberry, which is characterized by a number of the advantages and qualities.

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