Strawberry fruitSummer came, and with it came on our tables strawberry — very tasty and useful berry, which is also a great aphrodisiac

But what is so remarkable and useful this little berry?


Strawberry — herb and berry of the same name.

Strawberry fruit are small, bright red cone (sometimes with a pinkish tinge) berries, densely covered with small stones, with juicy red pulp, has a sweet taste and characteristic aroma.

Most often strawberry gets «from the ship to the ball,» — that is, from the garden straight to the table. But besides eating strawberries fresh from its berries are also preparing jam, it is used in the manufacture of sweets and in the manufacture of various cosmetics.


Strawberry is rich in vitamins, minerals. Thus, 100 g. Strawberries contain:

• Water — 87.4 g

• Proteins — 0.88 g

• Fat — 0.43 g

• Carbohydrates — 7.81 g (including mono-and di-saccharides — 7.46 g starch — 0.13 g)

• Fiber (fiber) — 2.21 g

• Organic acids — 1.37 g

• Ash — 0.44 gStrawberry fruit


• Vitamins A (retinol) — 0.07 mg

• Vitamins B1 (thiamine) — 0.035 mg

• Vitamins B2 (riboflavin) — 0.049 mg

• Niacin (Vitamins B3 or PP) — 0.27 mg

• Vitamins B6 (pyridoxine) — 0.058 mg

• Folic acid (vitamins B9) — 20.96 mcg

• Vitamins C (ascorbic acid) — 59.1 mg

• Vitamins E (tocopherol) — 0.87 mg

• Biotin (Vitamins H) — 4.4 mg


• Potassium — 159.0 mg

• Calcium — 39.0 mg

• Magnesium — 17.9 mg

• Sodium — 17.7 mg

• Sulphur — 11.8 mg

• Phosphorus — 22.57 mg

• Chlorine — 15.8 mg

Trace elements:

• Iron — 1.21 mg

• Manganese — 0.26 mg

• Copper — 0.121 mg

• Fluoride — 17.6 mcg

• Chrome — 2.0 micrograms

• Zinc — 97.0 mcg

• Iodine — 1.0 micrograms

• Boron — 185.0 micrograms

• Selenium — 0.73 mg

• Nickel — 2.1 g

• Vanadium — 9.0 micrograms

• Cobalt — 4.0 micrograms

• Molybdenum — 10.0 mcg

Caloric content

Caloric content of strawberries is only 35.9 kcal per 100 g, making it truly dietary product.

 Strawberry fruitBiological features.

Pine strawberry (strawberry) is a herbaceous perennial evergreen plant with continuous updating the sheet.

Observed two waves of intense growth of strawberry leaf spring (at the begin of the growing season) and summer (after the harvest).

All varieties of strawberries are divided into the following characteristics: the ripening of fruit, berry size, resistance to temperature changes, diseases, pests, and other indicators

This, juicy, tasty berry, resembling a heart with very — large-fruited garden strawberries (strawberries), polunitsya (Ukr) klubnіtsy (white), truskawka (the half of), strawberry (in English) with a unique fresh aroma, is the queen of all berries.

 Strawberry fruitAdvantages of strawberries.

Strawberry has a number of advantages over other crops:

— Strawberry berries first come to our table + high cost of berries;

— Ductility (ability to adapt to different environmentals conditions and the environment);

— Early appearance;

— Quick payback on growing.

Growing strawberries for us and for them.

We have a growing, the culture on a commercial basis while engaged in that individual farms, most of them are strawberry berry or adjoining beds or import from other countries.

In the world of commercial cultivation of strawberry farms engaged to a given culture is removed very large areas of their land, spending on new promising varieties tremendous money by adopting new technologies of cultivation, still manages to fill the market and export their berries and plants us. Although imported berries form and portability in most cases win, but taste is poor.Strawberry fruit

By process of strawberry and involved a number of sectors of the economy, this manufacturing companies: a variety of containers and packaging, watering systems, plastic shelters and greenhouse systems, s / s technology, and transportation companies, grocery stores, recruitment agencies, farms for nursery stock, + to all this it should be seasoned with the responsibility of persons to carry out a number of its obligations defined and strictly regulated terms.

When growing strawberries, should first pay attention to the following questions:

— Selection of precursors with / crop;

— Selection of the site;

— Select varieties of strawberries and buying seedlings;

— Planting of strawberries;

— Protection of strawberry plantations from pests and diseases, and weeds;

— Berry picking, storage and marketing.

Processes for the production of strawberries.Strawberry fruit

One of the traditional methods of growing strawberries is a method where the bushes are planted on trapezoidal beds (ridges) canopied plastic mulch (light or dark film), the width of the ridges of 80 cm or more, the strawberry seedlings are planted on the ridge of a 2 or 4 lines.

In this case, the farmer needs special equipment to form the ridge and laying mulch film.

A more refined method of growing strawberries — Film tunnels (high or low). In this case, there is the possibility of early spring and late autumn harvest  when growing varieties neutral daylight. As a matter of such a question is removed as precipitation, low night temperatures.

When unfit for growing strawberries, soil use small plastic bags Filled neutral artificial substrate (a variant of peat vs perlite), which is fed by drip water with liquid fertilizer.

Bags lay down on the beds, plant seedlings in them and connect watering strawberries (in some countries this method vyraschivaniyaklubniki start refusing because it is not environmentally friendly, since the end of cultivation remains a large Number of waste — plastic bags)

Or placed on a structure that facilitates the collection of berries.Strawberry fruit

Also for growing strawberries using plastic containers.

Make stacked strawberry patch, combining with planting in bags or in plastic pots or other containers.

  Another way of saving space are vertical ridges                                                             

All of these processes for the production of strawberries were invented by prudent intelligence and creative solutions, and supported by numerous studies and practice.

Based on all the above, remember that large-fruited garden strawberries (strawberries) is a good tool for making money, as in farmers' fields and in gardens beds.

Strawberry category

To understand how to grow strawberries, you need to understand how to grow different types of strawberries. Strawberry varieties can fall into one of three categories.

— The June strawberries brings more luxurious crop of berries in late spring. The main plant produces runners (daughters), which give the roots and develop series. The disadvantage of the June strawberry is that 1) they give fruit only once a year, 2) in the first year you will need to pick all the flowers from the plants that they are firmly entrenched.

— Keep fruit-bearing strawberries, really is not a «permanent fruit-bearing», but bears fruit twice a year, first in the spring, and then again in the fall. During the first year to pick all the flowers in late June.

— Strawberries normal day brings a small crop, but very sweet berries throughout most of the growing season. Breaking the first flowers, let the berries be fixed, and you can enjoy strawberries all summer long.Strawberry fruit

Diverse wild strawberry

Wild strawberry is common in houses in the inner tracks or lanes. In fact, the only strawberry that grows from seed, wild strawberry, is a plant of the normal day, which is an excellent soil cover with strongly fragrant flowers and delicious red or white berries.

Wild strawberry strongly pereseivaetsya strawberry seeds of its own and brings berries throughout the growing season.

Buy strawberry transplant

Best to buy strawberries in the fall. In addition, the nursery has to offer wholesale strawberry packed bundles, which contains twenty-five plants. In nurseries always limited space, and they are primarily taking orders for wholesale of plants. Often their stocks run out long before the arrival of spring.Strawberry fruit

Most strawberry plants can overwinter if they are stored in a cold cellar, unheated garage. For added protection, cover the roots with sand, wood chips or soil. Ordering strawberries fall, you will be sure that they will have to spring planting!


Need to plant strawberries on the sunny site, which you can find. Even though you will be able to raise enough crops to plant, which is at least six hours under direct sunlight, more food and better quality berries are obtained from those plants that have full access to the sunlight.

Superficially planted strawberries bad fights weeds, bushes, trees and other plants. Seedbed should be plowed in the autumn, to get rid of most of the weeds that will cause harm during the growing season. We must choose area away from large trees that can take root in the strawberry patch. Also make sure that the strawberry patch is located far away from the places where you are growing peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes. These plants can be carriers of Verticillium, which is disastrous for the strawberries.Strawberry fruit

Strong allergen

Allergic to reduce the consumption of strawberries or drink it any dairy products. Berry also suitable for high flow of gastric juice, and prolonged gastric colic and appendicitis. Young children and pregnant women are the strawberries and drinks from the leaves should be consumed with caution.

Formula ideal dish of strawberries and cream

Scientists from the University of Nottingham, derived a formula perfect flavor combination of strawberries and cream. The researchers argue that in order to fully enjoy the taste dishes need seven strawberries — about 215 grams and 107 grams of cream.

At same time, to the surprise of many, the survey found that the best addition to strawberries — yogurt. The reason lies in the fact that even the taste of yogurt can fully experience the aroma of berries.

Good health and enjoy!

Strawberry — not only tasty, but also useful


Strawberry — a doctor and a wonderful natural ... enemy of the extra pounds. There is nothing better and more useful, than to enjoy berries in their time. That is why neither will compare with a unique taste and aroma of the June strawberries. Mm-m ... flushed by the first summer berries and millet in the mouth. And for good reason: if you're not allergic to strawberries, doctors advise to exploit the full potential of its useful properties in the season. It contains vitamins C and K, beta-carotene, folic acid, and antibacterial components.

A real doctor.

This miracle berry appetite, has beneficial effects on digestion, has a diaphoretic and diuretic effect, normalizes salt metabolism, quench thirst, blood formation.

The infusion of the berries is recommended to use as a diaphoretic, diuretic and laxative agent. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of fresh strawberries, berry brew cup of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes in a thermos, strain and take half a cup before meals. There are problems with the gallbladder? The fourth part of glasses of fresh strawberry juice, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, with great care cholelithiasis.

 Strengthen the baby's health.

In moderate consumption strawberry is very useful to kids, because it contains a specific set of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Moreover — folk medicine recommends to use a berry in the treatment of anemia and diarrhea in children.

 Will establish the bowels.

Strawberry is indispensable in the diet of those who suffering from intestinal infections, and staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus and influenza. And strawberries strengthens the immune system and blood vessels, helps with insomnia and lowers blood pressure.Strawberry fruit

Help lose weight.

In addition to a diuretic and diaphoretic action, strawberry cleans the intestines and blood, helps with obesity and effective influence on metabolism. Despite her sweet, berry afford to lower blood sugar. That's why strawberries advised to use for those who have weight problems. Another undeniable fact — strawberries are very low in calories. Most recently, there was the so-called strawberry diet. Its advocates claim that a week of such power can easily lose 3-4 kilograms overweight. However, more than a week to comply with such a diet is not necessary, because it is not balanced, which means that long-term use is dangerous to the body.

 Retain youth.

If you add the strawberries in the weekly face masks, then a month later notice that the skin is noticeably improved. Strawberry dries the skin and helps with acne and fine whitens the skin. Just try to stretch a pair of berry pulp and apply to your cleansed face. Keep the mask to 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

In addition, strawberries well with oatmeal, cottage cheese, sour cream and honey. Simply mix strawberry berry juice or pulp with one of the above components and the mask is ready!

Relieve stress.

According to scientists, eating strawberries improves mood and promotes vigor. To relieve stress, experts say, enough to eat 150 grams of strawberries neutralize negative emotions due to the content of about 50 flavors.

So is this to save up a berry!

Strawberry season, unfortunately, changes rapidly, goes through almost unnoticed, but the best you can to keep useful properties for a long time. You can grind the strawberries with sugar, or if you are concerned for their figure — freeze. The taste of thawed strawberries, of course, is not the same as that of fresh, but from it we can make a lot of useful goodies. Do not neglect and strawberry jam, despite the heat treatment even it can save quite a few useful properties of this wonderful fruit. Successful experiments.


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