Watermelon,Fruit,vegetables,vegetable,plants,descriptionWatermelon — the fruit without the «weak» places: he is not only a superb taste, but also for its medicinal properties


     Watermelon — the name of the same name the plant and its fruit. Watermelon is considered the birthplace of South Africa, and pretend to the role the two countries — Brazil and Paraguay, where it is still found in the wild. No precise information on how and when a watermelon appeared on other continents, but it is known that in ancient Egypt, people knew and cultivated this culture. In Western Europe, watermelons were during the Crusades. Today watermelon cultivated in most of the world (there are more than 1,200 varieties of watermelons are grown in 96 countries), but the most common was the culture of China, as well as in Turkey, the countries of America, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Watermelon melon looks like a big, round, oval or cylindrical shape, covered with a thick crust thickness of 4-15 mm.  The flesh of a ripe watermelon — gentle and sweet to the taste, often red (but there are varieties with white or yellow flesh color) and contains a large number of seeds. Weight of individual fruit can overstep the mark more than 20 kg. In food, water melons usually consumed fresh, still their pickled, and in the food industry are receiving candied.


100 g of watermelon contains:

• Water — 89 g

• Proteins — 0.73 g

• Fat — 0.21 g

• Carbohydrate — 10.9 g (including mono-and di-saccharides — 8.7 g starch — 0.11 g)

• Fiber — 0.55 g

• Pectin — 0.61 g

• Organic acids — 0.12 g

• Ash — 0.63 g


• Vitamin A — 0.14 mg

• Vitamins C (ascorbic acid) — 7 mg

• Vitamins B1 (thiamine) — 0.041 mg

• Vitamins B2 (riboflavin) — 0.03 mg

• Niacin (vitamins PP) — 0.24 mg

• Folate — 8 mcg


• Potassium — 64 mg

• Calcium — 14 mg

• Magnesium — 224 mg

• Sodium — 16 mg

• Phosphorus — 7 mg

Trace elements:

• Iron — 1000 mcg

• Iodine — 2 mg

• Cobalt — 2 mg

• Manganese — 35 mcg

• Copper — 47 mcg

• Zinc — 90 mg

• Fluoride — 20 mcg

Caloric content

100 g of watermelon contains on average about 38 calories.

 Watermelon,Fruit,vegetables,vegetable,plants,descriptionUseful properties of watermelon

 Watermelons are effective for anemia, as it stimulates the process of hematopoiesis. Watermelons also useful in gout, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, gastritis, an infectious disease, gastric and duodenal ulcers, liver and gall bladder, hypertension, heart diseases, nosebleeds and obesity.

The juice and pulp of watermelon — a very effective diuretic, cholagogue. In addition tender flesh of watermelon contains dietary fiber, which reduces levels of «bad» cholesterol in the body, and its juice is perfectly cleanses the liver and kidneys of toxins, promotes the dissolution of salts, prevents sand and stones and perfectly quenches thirst and helps with constipation.


Do not get involved watermelons to people with diabetes, as well as those suffering from obesity, as in these cases, you can easily «slip» safe daily limit sugar consumption.

Watermelon,Fruit,vegetables,vegetable,plants,descriptionHow to choose a watermelon

The more «early» watermelon, the greater the likelihood that it may contain nitrates. To ensure maximum security of buying nitrate watermelon, do the following:

• Squeeze the watermelon, if it is not bursting, although by all accounts ripe, then, most likely, he matured a «natural» way

• Cut a piece of watermelon and place it in a glass of water: watermelon with nitrate stain the water red or pink color, while natural watermelon will only make the water a bit murky

Keep in mind that the «season» (from mid-August), the risk of dangerous buy watermelon is greatly reduced, but this time try to be careful!

Watermelon — a great healer

   The juice and pulp of watermelon — effective diuretic and cholagogue. In the pulp is fructose, well assimilated by diabetics, nitrogenous substances, cellulose, mineral salts of iron, vitamin B1, B2, PP, folic acid, carotene. Watermelons are useful in gout, arthritis, atherosclerosis, and because of their fiber helps to eliminate cholesterol from the body. Long-term use of pulp izlechivaethronicheskie gastritis.

 Watermelon,Fruit,vegetables,vegetable,plants,description   In the pulp of ripe watermelon contains 2.5-12% of sugar, and in the seeds — 25-30% oil. Juice squeezed from the pulp, evaporated and get watermelon honey. Made from the pulp of molasses. Unripe melons small salt of candied peels do.

    To select a delicious watermelon, you need to know many of the «secrets.» First, mature watermelon side is bound to have a yellow spot. Tail should be dry. Ripe watermelon when tapped gives clear and sonorous sound, peel it shiny.

     Watermelon treat many diseases. The acidity gives a good response watermelon diet (basically need to eat watermelon with bread). Watermelons are recommended for infective hepatitis, liver, gall bladder, atherosclerosis, hypertension, anemia, gout, heart disease, obesity and nosebleeds. With obesity should eat the flesh of watermelon 2-3 kg daily. No more than once a week to arrange fasting days watermelon: eat about three pounds of flesh in the day. Regularly eating watermelon, you clean the kidneys, the body shall be made not only sand, but pebbles.

   For total rejuvenation of the body need to drink tea from dried or fresh watermelon peels. Their finely cut and one to two teaspoons of boiled water and drink (but no more than three cups a day) for quite some time. Watermelon rejuvenates and improves the complexion, gives skin elasticity. Of watermelon peel mask or make use for this purpose the juice, soaking in it gauze. Then put it on the face and neck. After 20 minutes, wash the face with water, wipe with a towel and put the right cream. If you need to remove freckles or acne on the skin area with defects cause an emulsion of watermelon seeds for 20 minutes, then wash off. The emulsion can be prepared yourself: the seeds are placed in a mortar, pour a little water and gradually grind, adding a little at first the seeds, then water. The ratio of seed and water in emulsion 1:10.

  Watermelon,Fruit,vegetables,vegetable,plants,description  Of watermelon peels can make candied. For this purpose clear of watermelon pulp (do not remove the skin!), Cut into small cubes and cook in boiling water until tender. Then dipped in sugar syrup (1.5 kg of sugar to 4 cups of water), leaving 10-12 hours, and then boil for 10 minutes. Again allowed to stand, once cooked. This procedure is repeated three or four times. At the end of cooking add a spoon of citric acid and vanillin on the tip of a knife. Throwing hot cake on a tray, drained syrup, poured sugar, stirred and shaken. Then to be dry in a hot oven. STORED candied in a glass or in paper bags.

    Jam watermelon peels — a kind of delicacy. Per kg to 1.2 kg crusts sugar, a half teaspoon of baking soda and vanilla. Make it so. Corky is washed, cleaned of flesh and upper green peel, cut into cubes and nebolshimim each pierce. In a glass of hot water dissolved baking soda and mixed with five cups of cold water. To this solution was lowered prepared crust, cover with a lid and leave for four hours. Pour half of the cooked sugar in another pan, pour three cups of water, put on the fire and allow boil for 10-15 minutes. Of soda solution crusts removed, washed several times in tap water, and then dipped into the boiling syrup. Boil for 17 minutes, remove from heat, leave overnight. On another day, you need to pour the remaining sugar, put back on the fire, bring to a boil, simmer for 3 hours. Two minutes before the end of cooking, add the vanilla to taste. In the same way jam of melon peel

The entire second half of the summer and early September are under the sign of watermelon — they appear in July, in August they are already enjoying the swing. Watermelon — not just a treat, but a real herb.

Watermelon,Fruit,vegetables,vegetable,plants,description At all times, and the food was watermelon and therapeutic value. But the time has come when watermelons are not to be trusted. Most Uzbeks who grow their mass, came out with confidence. Currently in pursuit of profit people peddling conscience. To speed up the ripening of fruits, melons pin up nitrate. When you eat a watermelon, and if not one, not two, all the nitrate gets into your body. Instead of cleansing the kidneys, you get a kidney pathology! And you say: «But like the best.»

Be wise!

There is another opinion: Watermelon diet benefit you, if you buy correctly, and properly eat watermelon. (A very careful and clever remark of the author!) World's Largest berry — watermelon, acts like blotting paper, absorbing in itself all that is good and bad with the environment. And the world around us is not suitable for a larger percentage of health components. And all this with a delicious watermelon neochen gets into our bodies. We have even gotten used to not take the first watermelons and even in the height of summer doubt: to buy or not to buy? The consequence of eating the nekachestvennyharbuzov — is poisoning aggravated: nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. How to determine what you can eat? That's life has come: that is offered as a meal, you need to test: is possible or not? Personally with their own experience, we buy watermelons when we pass the village by car, the village where babulechki bring to sell something that has grown in their garden. There have been the method of selection is not down! And the taste! Try for once to compare the taste watermelon bought at the supermarket and private garden.

That's valuable information (did not know this before): Take a slice of watermelon pulp, lower in water for a few minutes and continue to watch. If the water will turn pink, then a watermelon contains pesticides. There takoyarbuz — uncomfortable.

 As a result of selection appeared varieties that easily withstand transportation, long perishable. Since 2008 in the Astrakhan region began to grow, as in Japan, square watermelons. Japanese farmers put green melons in glass boxes, and there they reach maturity, acquiring universal square. That's the same technology mastered and Astrakhan farmers. They say these melons easier to transport, store and eat.

A genetically modified not they?

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