Onion vegetableOnion — preventive folk remedy for flu, colds, sore throats, coughs helps, strengthens a weak stomach and stimulates appetite.

Latin name: Allium cepa.

English title: Onion.

Family: Onion — Alliaceae.

Common names: Table onions.

Botanical description: makes no sense to describe in detail the onion, because it is grown in any garden, we'll find it in stores and vegetable for every kitchen. There are summer and winter onions. Summer onions are likely to come from Asia. The Romans brought it to Central Europe, where he quickly caught on. Read more info»


lotus flowerLotus. The name in Latin: Nelumbo

Lotus belongs to the genus: dicotyledons

Family: Lotus (Nelumbonaceae) is the sole representative.

Lotus species:

Lotus orehonosny (1788) — Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.

Yellow Lotus (Lotus American) (1807) — Nelumbo lutea Pers.

Five-Lotus (1934) — Nelumbo pentapetala Fernald.

 Lotus history. Lotus in the culture. Under the name of the lotus of the ancient Greeks knew a lot of different plants, fruits Lotus eaten mainly been known Egyptian Lotuses and kireyskie lotuses.

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Burdock vegetableBurdock (burdock) — a vegetable. Burdock (burdock) — is a folk remedy for violations of applicable work of the liver, rheumatism, gall bladder, as well as gastritis and colitis, hemorrhoids, various forms of skin diseases, diabetes, gout.

The name in Latin: Arctium lappa.

Title in English: Burdock.

It belongs to the family: Compositae — Asteraceae.

Common names: burdock, repyashnik, lopushnik, dedovik, burdock root, burdock.

Pharmaceutical Name: (Bardanae radix) — burdock root.

Applicable parts of burdock (thistles) are used in folk medicine all parts of burdock (burdock), and in the official medicine — two-year roots. Read more info»

Kohlrabi vegetable

Kohlrabi  vegetableKohlrabi - a vegetable.  Kohlrabi — This vegetable is popular varieties of cabbage family.

The name in Latin: Brassica

Title in English: kohlrabi.

It belongs to the family: cabbage.

Pharmaceutical Name: Kohlrabi is a valuable dietary product, its flesh is rich in glucose and fructose, and some sulfur compounds, potassium salts, kohlrabi is rich in vitamins B1, B2, PP, and ascorbic acid. Kohlrabi Kohlrabi contains vitamin C is much superior to the lemon and orange.

Parts used kohlrabi: The edible part of kohlrabi — a stalk of it in the aerial part of a spherical, napiform form. Read more info»

Potatoes. Potato.

Potatoes vegetablePotatoes — a vegetable. Potatoes (potatoes) — This vegetable is widely used as a coating or anti-inflammatory agent, as well as in cases of gastro-intestinal diseases and as a cosmetic.

The name in Latin: Solanum tuberosum.

Title in English: Potato.

It belongs to the family: Solanaceae — Solanaceae.

Pharmaceutical Name: potato starch (starch) — Solani amylum (previously: Amylum Solani).

Part of potatoes are used: the tubers.

Description: The potato (potato) — herb up to 50cm Leaves are pinnate potatoes, potato flowers are white, purple, collected, usually in semiumbels. Read more info»