Cabbage-vegetablesCabbage. Vegetables — cabbage, cabbage juice is useful in the treatment of gastric ulcers, to treat wounds, sores, shingles, measles, rashes apply poultice of the leaves of cabbage.

In Latin is called: Brassica oleracea

In English is: Cabbage.

From the family: Cruciferae — Brassicaceae.

Key used in the cabbage parts leaves.

Description: On the Mediterranean coast growing wild kale, people began to eat the cabbage used in prehistoric times, that from her, and there were all sorts of cabbage known today. Read more info»


QuinceQuince — this is the most ugly, rough fruit, which resembles both an apple and a pear, but, alas, can not boast a glossy beauty of the first, nor the juicy sweetness of the second. Which is easily converted into either the incomparable marmalades, chutneys, jellies and candied fruit, and yet undervalued, rejected and, worse, forgotten. Even the inhabitants of the warm sub-tropical areas, where quince tree is native, has long traded on his velvety peaches, figs honey, chocolate persimmons.

But quinces, perhaps, the most ancient fruit. No one knows what insidious handed Eve to Adam in the Garden of Eden. And the Hesperides, it seems, just guarded quince: scientists proved that the golden apples appeared much later. The Roman gourmet Apitsy preserved whole fruit quince in honey, diluted with sweet wine with spices. And the medieval monarchs believed quince jam for extraordinary strength aphrodisiac. And all the medicine men, healers and physicians unanimously recognize that the quince is a magical effect on digestion. Pedigree of a quince

Quince is the birthplace of the Caucasus and Central Asia, this is where it occurs in the wild. But with quince — one of the oldest fruit crops, people cultivate it for more than four thousand years. The ancient Greeks, by the way, belonged to quince with a deep reverence and regarded it as a symbol of beauty, love and fertility. Today, quince is grown in many countries — in Europe, North America, North Africa, East and Central Asia. In Central Europe, however, the quince is more often used for decorative purposes. Withdrawn as winter-hardy varieties, which are successfully grown in the Volga region. Read more info»

Avar. Description of the accident (avar)

avarDescription of the accident (avar)

Homeland Avar tree plant (Latin Astrocaryum vulgare), belonging to the family of Palm, is South America.

Avar is a palm tree, whose height is 10-15 m Chopped leaves Avars, reaching a length of 1.5 m, covered with spines. The trunk is also dotted with palm trees with sharp black spines, the length of which reaches up to 20 cm long spikes Avars are a kind of nutrient reserves of the plant: they catch the falling leaves of other trees that are decaying, yield the palm of an additional power source.

Avar is a dioecious plant, the flowering period covered by the trunk of the palm male and female flowers. Inflorescences are protected by a dense shell with a pointed spikes of 2-4 pieces located at the base of each branch. After fertilization of the female flowers are formed by Avars fruit ripening bunches of 100-200 units.

The fruits of the Avars, with an orange or reddish-brown skin, are round or oval shape. The length of the fruit ranges from 3 to 6 cm, moderately juicy fruit is characterized by the aroma and taste, vaguely reminiscent of apricots. In addition to the pulp layer, whose thickness is 0.5 cm, Avars contains a large hard seed, holding 80% of the fruit ...


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Avocado. Plant avocado. Description.

avocadoInternational name of Perseus U.S. avocado (Persea americana). This is one of the many species of Perseus Lavrov family (Lauraceae). In the wild American Perseus (avocado), found in the mountainous region stretching from Mexico. Of all the Perseus only avocado has edible fruit, rich in the same vitamins, minerals and fats.

Avocado / Perseus American /. Plant avocado. Description.

Avocado, or Perseus American — a fast-growing evergreen fruit tree with a spherical crown, growing to 20 meters in height and crown diameter of more than 6 meters, according to some estimates up to 15 meters. However, culture does not exceed the height of the avocado 3 meters, and more cultured 2-meter high trees. Avocados are very heat-loving plant and grows well only in moist subtropical and tropical climates. For this approach, any soil, but they should be moist, breathable, fertile, drained and deep. Perseus shade-American culture, but forms a dense planting small fruits, so these trees are grown in small groups. Avocado plants need protection from the wind, or suffer from dehydration and poor pollination. This skoroplodnost fruit culture, which comes into fruition for 2-4 years after planting, the seed breeding at 6-8 years.

The plant has a direct avocado silnovetvisty trunk with a dense wood. Its elliptical evergreen leaves are 25-35 cm in length and changed every 2-3 years. The leaves are rich in essential oils, avocados, and some species have a pronounced anise scent. Their antiseptic anti-inflammatory property is often used for medicinal purposes. However, in animals eating the fresh leaves can cause poisoning. Read more info»



Description of zucchini.      Zucchini — it is herbaceous plant of the gourd family and the fruits of the same name. Squash is the birthplace of America. For many thousands of years of squash, along with corn and squash were the basis of the diet of local tribes. In Europe, squash, like several other fruits and vegetables were brought by Spanish conquerors in the XVI century, and gradually spread throughout its territory, but it really took a major role in the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Currently, zucchini cultivated around the world.

Squash is shaped like a cucumber, but much bigger — some fruits weigh a few pounds. Squash coated smooth and thick skin, depending on the type of white, yellow or green. The more mature pub, the larger and harder seeds, for this reason are used in the food still quite young unripe fruit.

Courgettes have a truly wide range of uses in cooking: they are baked, fried, stewed, pickled, and squash are cooked eggs, pancakes, vegetable and meat stew, burgers, soups and other dishes.

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