Veg recipe

Veg recipeIn the height of summer, we often cook vegetables. I propose a simple veg recipe cooking delicious steamed vegetables, which will take a little time, and will please its juiciness and piquancy. This veg recipe can be done once for a few days and put into the refrigerator, which is very convenient in the summer days when you want to spend more time on the street rather than stand at the stove. Read more info»

Potato plant

Potato plant chemical composition

Biological features potato plant

Potatoes are propagated vegetatively — small tubers or pieces of tubers (for breeding purposes — seeds). Potato planted at a depth of 5 to 10 cm.

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Steamed vegetable recipes

Steamed vegetable recipesSteamed vegetable recipes — more than a multifaceted concept. Options steamed vegetable recipes and useful this technique slimming great variety, just remember the vegetable soup diet on the basis of which is represented on our pages with full description of the menu. Today we continue the theme — steamed vegetable recipes for weight loss deserves close attention from your side. Read more info»

Organic groceries

Organic groceriesOrganic groceries — what it is? If yesterday we were thinking about how to eat something tasty, but now pick and choose healthy. And this is primarily organic groceries. Read more info»

Fruit bouquets

Fruit bouquets

Fruit bouquets — this is truly a magnificent gift, both delicious and beautiful. It's hard to find a man who would remain indifferent to such fruit bouquets. You can certainly order a bouquet of fresh fruits and berries from those who engaged in it professionally, but hand made fruit bouquets are valued more. How to make fruit bouquets with your own hands? Read more info»