Dutch bulbs

Dutch bulbs

Dutch bulbs

Tulips and dutch bulbs — flowers of my childhood! In early spring, our steppe that stretched near Askania, was transformed into a bright sea of ​​red flower dutch bulbs ...
But wild yellow dutch bulbs are very rare.
Spring bloom in our steppe and natural iris, medium-sized and low.

Admiration steppe spring with blooming dutch bulbs can not be described in words!
Therefore, since childhood, I was very fond of dutch bulbs. These messengers of spring holidays have become indispensable inhabitants of my garden.

Cultivation dutch bulbs in the garden gives me a lot of joy. Every year I wrote out or just bought in the local market of new bulbs of tulips to decorate your site. And in recent years it has become available florist planting a variety of dutch bulbs, and the other flowering plants.
Now sold so many dutch bulbs of all classes, a great many fancy varieties! I hope that one day my dream will come true — to grow blue dutch bulbs ...

Along with lots of varieties dutch bulbs, joy and a huge variety of all kinds and varieties of iris garden. Of these, every grower can make wonderful collection to your liking.
The only obstacle for me now — a catastrophic shortage of time ...

I want to share with the readers of the website Gardenia. ru its successful experience very late planting bulbs dutch bulbs in the garden a non-standard term — even in late autumn and in early winter!
I would be glad if this positive experience will be useful to other gardeners.

raznotsvete tulips; yellow and yellow-pink dutch bulbs; unusual coloring tulip
In the photo: tulips raznotsvete; yellow and yellow-pink dutch bulbs; unusual coloring dutch bulbs

Dutch bulbs

Dutch bulbs

Experiment with planting dutch bulbs in the garden in winter

Planting tulip bulbs is usually held in the autumn, when the soil temperature reaches +5 ... 10 degrees, and before the start of the freezing of land remains in the garden of about 1.5 months. During this period planted dutch bulbs root well, allowing the bulbs to successfully overwinter and bloom in the spring, the characteristic of the class period.

However, many growers often faced with a situation that spring, the bulbs were not planted in the fall time in the garden. Favorable planting dates are long gone — the cold weather, frequent and fetter the ground frost.
Then there is a difficult choice: to risk and still plant bulbs in the garden are very later date, or spend Forcing, or try to save them and plant in the spring?

One day we are faced with such a problem. SUMMER PLANTS
Several years ago, my husband went to the Netherlands and returned at the beginning of winter. He brought back from Amsterdam 30 bulbs dutch bulbs. Though he knew it was too late to plant these bulbs in the garden, but the coveted blue tulips ...

Opening the package with Dutch tulips, we found that almost all the bulbs already have the beginnings of germs!
I began to consult with experts — how best to proceed with these bulbs. I offered to put dutch bulbs for forcing. However, this option did not suit me.

Firstly, not all varieties of tulips are suitable for distillation.
Secondly, for forcing bulbs used correctly prepared.
Third, successful distillation dutch bulbs is possible only if the necessary conditions that need to be planted in pots to provide bulbs.

And then my husband and I took a standard solution at your own risk: try to plant tulip bulbs in the winter garden, and then landing safely warm.
There was already the middle of the month (December 14), when we went to the country to put dutch bulbs ...

I cleared the snow on the empty area of ​​the garden. My husband picked up the crowbar upper layer of frozen earth to be able to prepare the site for planting tulip bulbs.
They dug up the soil at the bottom of the landing pit and put all the bulbs Dutch tulips at a depth of 20 cm.
After seeding the planted bulbs ordinary garden soil, we returned to the place of the frozen ground. Then the landing dutch bulbs covered with branches and dry leaves, closed film and covered with snow.

In the spring, in March, I went to the garden — remove open from melted snow planting tulips film that she did not give the greenhouse effect.
Then, from the garden to the dutch bulbs was removed insulated layer of branches and leaves.

What was our joy, when setting the heat out of the ground appeared shoots "Winter» dutch bulbs 🙂

Our risky experiment was a success: 30 bulbs planted winter the vast majority sprout in the spring. We went up and wonderfully blossomed 29 Dutch tulips!
However, their blossoming happened later all the other dutch bulbs, growing in our garden. But it is even better. For every gardener wants to extend the flowering period dutch bulbs, bright spring adorn our gardens and homes.

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