Geranium seeds

Geranium seedsMany people think that geranium and pelargonium — are one and the same plant, but in fact they belong to different genera of the family of geranium seeds (Geraniaceae). Geranium garden (geranium seeds), in contrast to its thermophilic distant relative, a pretty good feeling in the open field and has long enjoyed a deserved popularity all over the world. Home to most of the new garden geranium geranium seeds is a good old England, and it is not surprising, given that the UK is considered to be a trendsetter in the landscape garden style. A modest beautiful garden geranium is fully consistent quality needed for geranium seeds.
Description geranium seeds.
Garden geranium is appreciated not only and not so much for the beautiful blooms, but for their good habit — geranium seeds form a compact dense shrubs with showy delicate leaves that retain their decorative effect until the winter, can grow a thick carpet and have different sizes and color of flowers and leaves . In a variety of color flowers geranium missing only the yellow and orange color, size, they range from 2.5 to 4.5 cm. Of course, the climatic conditions of southern England are significantly different from ours, but nevertheless, there are winter-hardy and viable species and hybrids. Meadow geranium, geranium seeds (Geranium pratense) — shortly rhizomatous perennial, often found in the wild garden and having a plurality of cultural forms, forms dense bushes up to 120 cm, geranium seeds blue-lilac color, bloom in June.
"Galaxies» geranium seeds — albino variety with white flowers leaves light green color. "Mrs. Kendal Clark» geranium seeds -has light purple with white veining, bush tends to fall apart.
"Rose Queen» geranium seeds — has a delicate pale pink flowers with orange stamens charmingly look at the background of lush green foliage.
"Striatum» geranium seeds — Class with original white flowers dotted with blue spots and strokes.
"Splish Splash,» geranium seeds — similar to the previous cultivar with lilac brush strokes on a white field. Bush is more compact than other representatives meadow geranium and size did not exceed 60 cm. Flowers in June — early July. There is this kind of form and terry: «Plenum albumin» (white), «Plenum Tserulium» (violet-blue), «Plenum Violyatseum» (blue-purple with a red center) and others.
In addition there are varieties of geranium seeds meadow with black and purple and red-purple leaves that are very effective in various combinations — «Victor Reuter» geranium seeds, «Midnight Reiter», «Purple Heron.» Geranium red-brown geranium seeds (Geranium phaeum) — forest species of geranium, under natural conditions found in Central Europe. Rhizomatous perennial short in height up to half a meter (without stems), decorative due to the hemispherical shape of the bush and beautiful leaves, early regrowth after winter and continuing up to the frost.
"Albumin» geranium seeds — variety, having a rather large white flowers and leaves are light green in color.
"Stilingflit Ghost» geranium seeds- has an unusual pink-gray color of flowers and small dark green leaves.
«Lily Lowell» geranium seeds — one of the most spectacular forms with large blue-purple flowers and light green leaves are delicate. There are also many variegated varieties with pale green or cream-colored design — „Variegatum“, „Maggis Delight“, „Tafs Dzhessher.“
Geranium sanguineum geranium seeds (Geranium sanguineum) — in nature, this species is found in the mountain forests of Europe and the Caucasus. Shortly rhizomatous perennial with strongly dissected rounded leaves, forms dense clumps up to 60 cm, blooms in June and July of pink flowers. Of the most popular forms is worth noting, „albumin“ (white geranium seeds), «Prostranum» (pale pink geranium seeds with dark veining, type is also known as «Striatum»), «Max Frei» (dark crimson geranium seeds). Dwarf cultivars height of 30-40 cm — 'Nanum «,» Jubilee Pin «,» Shepherds Worning. «Geranium large rhizome (Geranium macrorrhizum) — in the wild is found in the Carpathian Mountains and the Alps, large rhizomatous perennial, forming dense clumps actively sprawling across, up to 1 m in height — no more than 40 cm. In warm climates geranium seeds leaves go green under the snow. Popular cultural forms — „Uaytness“ (pure white geranium seeds), «Bivans Verayeti» (crimson-red geranium seeds), «Tsakor" (magenta), "Balkanum» geranium seeds (pale pink), there are also variegated species. Eriantum geranium geranium seeds (Geranium errianthum) — in nature, this species is distributed from eastern Siberia to Alaska, respectively, is very winter-hardy. Forms dense compact bushes up to 50 cm tall, flowers are collected in umbellate inflorescence lilac-purple. Renard geranium geranium seeds (Geranium renardii) -kavkazsky kind of geranium, which is characterized by beautiful olive-green vesicular leaves with wavy edges and no less beautiful white flowers with purple veining. Bush height of not more than 20cm. Dalmatian geranium (Geranium dalmaticum) — one of the lowest species of geraniums, forms dense «cushion» in height no more than 10-15 cm. Flowering geranium seeds in mid-summer bright pink flowers with a diameter of 3.5 cm.
Garden geranium geranium seeds. Care geranium seeds. Meadow geranium need fertile soil loose and open or lightly shaded location. Mountain Sports geraniums prefer a light, nutritious soil and a sunny place for landing. Wild geranium can withstand even dry shade and not too fertile soil. Types of geranium seeds, greatly expanding in width due to surface short rhizomes should be planted at a distance of not less than 25-30 cm, because First — the next year geranium seeds already closed, and secondly — geranium seeds grow very long in one place without the need for transplantation, which means they need to pre-allocate enough space for future growth. Types of geranium seeds, forming a compact bush and having large leaves on long stalks, should be planted at a distance equal to twice the length of the stem. Then there will be a violation of the spherical shape of the bush, giving the plant a special beauty. Garden geraniums do not need special care, they do not need pruning — you can remove the faded inflorescences, but not necessarily because they lowered their own, hiding under the leaves. Geraniums branches are closed so tightly that practically underneath the weeds do not grow and, therefore, they do not need weeding. And if the free sites or plant zamulchirovat geranium seeds, there would be no need for loosening. A very useful property of geranium — she never gets sick and does not, moreover, geranium seeds garden, allocating around him specific spicy flavor, rich in essential oils and volatile production, protects against diseases and pests of its neighbors in the flowerbed.
Reproduction geranium seeds. Garden geranium propagated by rhizome segments and geranium seeds. In one place without a transplant geranium bush can grow 8-10 years and more, and only if the plant can experience the need for rejuvenation of the bush. Dig bush in spring before flowering or after it. Leaving only young, healthy geranium seeds with advanced kidney, and old geranium seeds- removed. The plant is very rapidly forms new roots and survives well in the new location. Geranium seeds method is not as good as the previous one and is more labor intensive, besides if it is not saved varietal characteristics. It is better to sow fresh geranium seeds, but to collect them is problematic, as when fully ripe burst and leaf geranium seeds scatter in different directions. Geranium seeds bloom the next year after planting. Garden geraniums in landscape design With many advantages, which were discussed above, garden geranium easily find a place in any garden. Dwarf types are ideal under the definition of alpine plants, they can be used for flower borders, and mixborders rabatok with roses, including stam. Geranium large rhizome can be used as a groundcover universal coverage. Geranium Renard very good for planting in the foreground in gray or silver mixborders as tonal or color contrast. Wild geranium are especially beautiful in joint landing on edges or among shrubs with ferns, aquilegia, nettle, rue and other shade-tolerant plants. Tall kinds of garden geraniums used in mixborders mixed with other perennials to create a «wild» areas in the landscape style. In the foreground, such landings are the most natural look undemanding groundcover — loosestrife monetchaty, Ajuga reptans. Planting geranium seeds.

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