Heather plants

Heather plantsIf you have an overwhelming desire to plant in your garden heather plants, then get ready for the challenges awaiting you, because for the creation of the heather plants you have to create the conditions for its successful growth and development. Usually flowers heather plants appear on sale in late summer, so during this period they are particularly impressive look. The plant must be immediately planted in open ground and left there for the winter, but if you do not take care in advance of the «residence» of the new occupant of the garden, until spring, he might not survive. Biological features of heather heather plants — is a short, creeping evergreen shrub form with slightly lifts the branches. Its height is typically less than 30 cm, although some forms and reach 80 cm. Leaflets are small, narrow, entirely covered with numerous branches. Today, there are several dozen varieties of heather plants, which differ in size, various color flowers and leaves and flowering period (mid-summer to mid-autumn). The natural habitat of heather plants — peat bogs, where they grow on hummocks, forming a picturesque hills. Of course, such places are poor in nutrients, so the heather plants develop special equipment in the form of symbiosis with mycorrhizal fungi in the form, which serves as the root hairs supplying heather plants from the soil nutrients. And in return, mushrooms get other substances produced by the roots of heather. Heather plants ordinary 'Aphrodite' Calluna vulgaris
Heather plants: planting heather plants absolutely not tolerate lime, it absolutely can not be grown on land with alkaline or neutral reaction. He prefers acidic peat moss and garden centers heather plants also contained in containers with substrate. Transplanting the plant on a constant need to fill the planting hole in this ground. If you get the peat moss is not possible, it can be replaced with a mixture of peat and sand, fallen pine needles and sawdust, and, the ratio can be anything, as long as the pH of the soil was not more than 4-5. On a 1 cubic earthen mixture would be nice to add 80-100 g sulfur. However, if you plan to create a small heather plants in the garden, it is necessary to excavate the entire area with alleged landings equal to the depth of bayonet spade (25-30 cm) and fill it with a mixture of cooked acidic soils. Then on the ground to seal the well and shed acidified water. Can be used for this electrolytic solution for battery acid, which is a diluted sulfuric acid (50 ml of an electrolyte / 10 l of water enough for an area equal to 1 square meter. For these purposes can apply edible acids: oxalic, citric acid (3 liter of water 1 tsp acid) or table (apple) vinegar (100 g per bucket of water). and only after that you can start planting. in their natural habitat the roots of heather plants are located in a horizontal surface, in the same container and twisted roots to podmyaty center, so the root ball before planting must be well to stretch and straighten the roots in hand. they themselves are not able to do that if they put as there is heather plants die from shortage of water and food. Heather plants are planted at a distance of 40-50 cm apart from each other in a staggered or rows, considering the color of leaves and flowers in the preparation of the composition. After planting, the soil around the bushes heather plants need to be sealed, and the plants watered.
Heather plants: Care Groom heather plants as well as for any ornamental plant — watering, fertilizing, weeding and pruning. Watering is carried out once in one week with acidified water 1.5-2 (See above.) To maintain the desired pH in the growth zone of the root system. Feeding is carried out in spring (April-May) complete mineral fertilizer (preferably sour) on the similarity of «Kemira Universal», it should be easy to scatter around the bush (1.5-2 tablespoons rate for adult plants) and zamulchirovat top of fallen pine needles, shredded bark or sawdust. In addition to good protection from weeds, overheating and drying, a layer of mulch further acidify the soil in place of its location. Pruning heather plants held in early spring, it is necessary only to maintain the desired shape of the plant and stimulate the growth of young shoots. Modern varieties of flowers heather plants, unlike its wild relative, no different hardiness, so need careful winter shelter, especially in the first year of planting. Graded material, in particular, species with yellow-gold color of leaves, the winter harbor spandbodom in 2 layers. Before that planting mulch peat or fallen pine needles (sawdust or bark) layer of 3-5 cm.
Heather plants. Heather in the design of the garden for planting heather plants prefer sunny areas, although it is a good idea to grow in partial shade light. This feature allows the use of heather in various parts of the garden. Properly planted heather plants capable of an incredible way to transform and beautify the cottage, it's pretty amazing plant is not such a frequent guest in central. Look great landing heather among rhododendrons, moreover, that these plants similar requirements for soil types and care. Heather plants traditionally used as cover crops, but do not create too much area planted — this will be rather monotonous spectacle. Heather plants with brightly colored leaves are able to revitalize and brighten dark corners of the garden, especially effectively looks heather spot against the dark conifers. Flowers heather plants- traditional plants for English apothecary gardens, heather plants therapeutic effect similar to the diuretic action of lingonberry and bearberry. For the collection, you can use flowering sprigs of heather during the regular haircuts. Heather plants- beautiful honey and honey with him assembled, very fragrant and has special healing properties. Planting heather plants.

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