Orchid seeds for sale

orchid seeds for saleReproduction orchid seeds for sale at home with the help of the flask with ready seedlings. The following method of reproduction is limited to the purchase of finished flasks (flask) with seedlings of orchids. Currently, this method has become very popular and is characterized by a positive result.This flask we can get by taking part in a collective order or purchase orchids while on holiday in Thailand, the same as a souvenir.
Here is the flasks and flasks with seedlings orchid seeds for sale.
Reproduction orchid seeds for sale. Seedlings in a flask.
Consider as an example the reproduction Phalaenopsis. On the basis of below, you can experiment with any type of orchid, depending on your wishes and the type of plant, located in the flask. For planting orchid seeds for sale, we need to break the flask, gently pull out of her fragile seedlings without hurting, then rinse them under running water and soak for a few minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. After done manipulate expand the seedlings to dry on a paper towel.
Seedling of the flask. Flushing in potassium permanganate
Drying seedlings orchids. Budding seedlings. orchid seeds for sale
While the seedlings dry out, we are preparing the substrate to provide a breeding orchids at home, the most relevant natural orchid seeds for sale
pine bark fines (1 cm)
chopped sphagnum moss (dried or fresh)
perlite substrate for air.
Then mix all ingredients and put in a ready-mix orchid leaves without delving into the substrate.
A mixture of orchid seedlings for planting Planting seedling orchid seeds for sale.
Seedlings in pots orchid seeds for sale. Planted seedlings.
Now comes the most crucial period — an adaptation of the seedlings, which were in a sterile environment with 100% humidity to our room conditions. To do this, we must do everything possible to ensure the «kids» like microclimate. Greenhouse to do I would not recommend, because high humidity will develop different kinds of bacterial and fungal infections, and our weak seedlings may die. Any miniteplichka requires good ventilation, if such is not possible to organize, it is sufficient to place pots of seedlings in high tray and put under additional artificial lighting. Desirable to maintain the temperature from 20 ° C to 24 ° C.
Backlight for better reproduction of orchid seeds for sale. Manger on the aquarium
Watering seedlings planted orchid seeds for sale.
Let me remind you that the reproduction orchid seeds for sale occurred at high humidity, and to the maximum to help them adapt to the new conditions, a number of containers, which are located in the seedlings can be switched on during a humidifier or indoor fountain. If possible place the «nursery» of the aquarium under fluorescent lights.
Watering seedlings drying is carried out as a substrate. If it's cold season, approximately once a week, in the summer can be watered more often kids. It is very important in the early days after the transplant to maintain the substrate moist, preventing it completely dry. Watering is carried out by soaking for a few minutes each plant individually.
If you plant a lot, you can vodichku (as needed with fertilizer) to pour directly into the nursery container, provided that the substrate absorbs moisture throughout the day.
Any young developing plant needs a balanced feeding. For the full development of seedlings orchid seeds for sale to choose fertilizer containing major nutrients — nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK). Need to apply fertilizer when watering, and certainly at lower concentrations fertilize on a sheet or buy specifically for this purpose foliar application. It is particularly important at the outset of seedlings properly feed the kids, otherwise the plant will be weakened, and diagnose what is the battery it is not enough, and it does not compensate for grip in the future will be difficult.
So look grown seedlings of orchid seeds for sale.
Young seedlings grown orchid from seedlings.
Grown up of orchid seedling. To correctly develop orchid seeds for sale.
Reproduction of orchids at home the children can occur spontaneously and can be stimulated by special preparations.
1. Radical Babe (breeding orchids baby).
To get the Babe at the base of the orchid, nothing special needs to be done. Enough to provide proper care orchid, which include lighting, watering, temperature and feeding, and the plant itself decides to continue her race or not. Radical orchid seeds for sale is quite difficult to separate from the mother plant without damaging both. Therefore, in my opinion, the two plants in a pot look more aesthetically pleasing and reaching a certain age, will bloom at the same time.
Radical Babe Reproduction orchid orchid seeds for sale.
The appearance of the root kids. Radical orchid seeds for sale orchids.
2. Baby on a spike Phalaenopsis orchid seeds for sale.
It is believed that on the dormant buds appear Babes stems from the high temperatures and humidity. Well, baby instead of flowers, too bad, the main thing — to wait for the right moment and only then separate it from the mother plant. As a rule, the roots of the kids do not appear immediately.
Baby orchid on a spike. Orchid seeds for sale on a spike.
Poorly developed roots.
For example kids with small roots. This baby is not ready for transplant and may die due to the fact that the roots are not ready to independently perform the function that assumes the mother plant stems.
For a full growing a proper roots in kids may take up to six months. Into separate bread send it only in the presence of at least two of the roots of at least 3-5 cm.
Branch of orchid seeds for sale, which are ready for separation.
For the process of separating kids from peduncle Phalaenopsis we need the following:
pot with drainage holes,
substrate (such as in the case of transplantation of seedlings)
sharp sterile instrument (blade knife)
pounded charcoal.
Sharp object cut off the connection with a piece of trunk kids peduncle, give some time to dry and powder charcoal place slices. Then sit in a prepared substrate and pour over the edge of the pot with a watering can. So that moisture does not stagnate, certainly in pots should be drainage holes. Care is the same as for the orchid seeds for sale.
Branch of orchid with kids peduncle. Caring for babies orchids.
3. Babe deceased Phalaenopsis.
If it really happened, and you for some reason lost the plant, do not rush to throw it away. Phalaenopsis — very hardy orchid seeds for sale, certainly after some time to «stump» orchid will be one or more children. Try to analyze what is wrong in the care you did with the previous plants, and do not repeat their mistakes in the future. A year later — two with proper care baby will delight you with flowering (photo № 30,31).
Babe deceased Phalaenopsis. The appearance of orchid seeds for sale on dead orchids.
4.Razmnozhenie orchids babies with hormone paste.
Get yourself Babe spike Phalaenopsis, you can use hormonal paste, which includes cytokinin (Analog Keiki Grow). This paste is specially designed for awakening dormant buds. First you need to you like a kidney (preferably one of the top) cut flake, which it covers. To do this, carefully trim the flake on both sides and «liberate» the kidney from flakes tweezers, not injuring while no spike or kidney. Should appear bright green dot, which just applied cytokinin paste. Phalaenopsis reproduction in such a way is a snap — just now is to wait for the orchid seeds for sale.
Awakening kidney Phalaenopsis Getting kids using cytokinin.
The method of pollination and subsequent seeding of orchids.
Perhaps the most difficult method — reproduction orchid seeds for sale, it is impracticable in the home. For this method, we need to pollinate the orchid (this applies to almost every kind and description), wait until the boll ripen and then sow the seeds yourself. Orchid seeds ripen normally from 3 to 8 months, depending on the species of orchid, flower size, time of year, and lighting. At the moment, the Internet mainly from foreign sources, you can view the video as it happens. There are many options for planting, recipes environment, different dishes and boxes for carrying out the method, but this kind of information you can only find in the literature. I also want to draw your attention to successfully complete reproduction of orchid seeds, first of all, we need patience and proper knowledge of biology. Pollinated orchid is simple, but very seeding — it is a time-consuming process and not everyone's strength orchid seeds for sale.

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