Tulip bulb

Tulip bulbAfter the white landscape winter garden among the first to delight the eye of the gardener various flowers bulbs tulip bulb. Tulips and hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses enliven spring garden and create a festive mood. Often, the fickle nature of spring weather may overshadow the impression of this beauty. Insulting happens when young tulip bulb and flower buds prihvatyvaet strong recurrent frost or covered with snow. The easiest way to deal with spring frosts and snowfalls — temporary shelters tunnel type, which sometimes is not quite true called greenhouse. Prepare the ground for cover tulip bulb. Preferably in advance, in the fall prior to planting, take care of comfort for your spring tulip bulb. If the soil in the area is not particularly fertile, it should improve with the help of organic fertilizers. Mark up a bed for future tulip bulb. For ease of handling choose a width to squatting down on one knee or on a special stand, you could get a hand to the middle of the bed. Usually it is from 4 to 6 bayonets shovels.
Dig infertile soil, spreading evenly him left and right. It turns trench tulip bulb. Fill the trench tulip bulb. As fertilizers can be used rotted manure, compost, peat, special soil soils and even sawdust, rotten straw, chaff, sunflower husks or rice husks. Suitable anything that can rot. The role of organic matter in this case, not only to improve the fertility of the soil tulip bulb. Continuing to decompose the compost soil warms up in the shelter, which is very important, especially on cloudy days. After filling the trench deferred to the side return ground on a bed, falling asleep to them tulip bulb. This manipulation can be done easily with plane Fokine. Then flatten the surface with the same tool or a rake. It turns out a kind of «sandwich» filling which will rot with heat. Making the frame «greenhouse» for tulip bulb. You can buy ready-made frames or sets of plastic arcs, which are now sold everywhere. However, if you think about the prospects, the plastic in a few years we must somehow disposed of. It is better to use more environmentally friendly materials. The frame can be made of flexible branches, e.g., hazelnut, hazelnut or willow or use a thick metal wire with a diameter of 6 to 10 mm. Choose the arc length approximately equal to twice the width beds plus 40 cm. If we use the freshly cut branches, both end sharpen the ax, the thick end of the pole is stuck deeply as possible (at least 20 cm) with one end of the bed. Then gently bend the pole, first with both hands holding the lower part, and then gradually move the hands to the thin end. The thin end of the same stick in the ground. Choosing covering material for shelter tulip bulb can be used polymeric film or special breathable nonwoven materials. The film is better at trapping heat and moisture, but there is a risk that the tulip bulb underneath «broil». Therefore, if there is no possibility of daily monitoring, it is better to use spunbond agrospanom or other similar materials. The width of the covering material is not less than the length of the arcs (including the underground part). Length of about 2.5 — 3 meters longer than the distance between the outer edges. Arc cover with material selected for verification, and then remove it. Not bad sign for what purpose kept this piece of film. Wooden arc can be left on the ridge. They clearly stand for until spring. Metal or plastic is better to remove the shed for safekeeping. After that, start planting tulip bulb and say goodbye to them to early spring. Spring works with a tunnel shelter tulip bulb. The optimal period when to put on the arc covering material is difficult to recommend. It all depends on the region, and year to year, as you know, is not necessary. A guide can be the first spring thaw in the middle lane or «February windows». That time is every gardener defines the experience and intuition of tulip bulb. But on the night of March 3, hit hard frost and snow. Shelter handy. It is very important to fix the edge covering material tulip bulb. The ends can recommend winding material stock and a segment of the old pipe or handle of a shovel, as in the photographs. On each side of tulip bulb — sprinkle the soil or pin stones, bricks, logs. The most of the materials at hand. Even if the production of a simple tunnel shelter you seemed too long and time-consuming, it is worth a try. Tulip bulb in warm soil wake up faster and will delight you with flowers for a couple of weeks before the neighbors, too lazy to hide their tulip bulb. Planting tulip bulb.

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