Tulip bulbs

Tulip bulbsIn the Netherlands, the cultivation of tulip bulbs built into a cult — annually endless fields covered with colorful carpets of these bright colors, causing the admiration of travelers. Love of tulips is not spared and our florist: for someone planting tulip bulbs became a favorite hobby, while others, conquered the beauty of delicate buds just beginning to master the art of cultivation of the tulip bulbs culture. And of course, for beginners at first a lot of questions:

when to plant tulip bulbs;

a place for them to choose and how to prepare a bed;

how deep to plant tulip bulbs;

what to do to fit over the winter not podmerzli and gave amicable shoots in the spring, etc.

Since it is in the bulbs are laid and develop all the organs of the future tulips, working with planting material requires special attention. It is important to understand in advance how to plant tulip bulbs, so you do not upset over the fact that half of the seedlings did not appear, or color will not as beautiful as expected.

Choosing the right time, when to plant tulip bulbs

Unlike most garden plants and flowers, planting tulip bulbs is done not in spring and autumn. To understand why this is happening, you need to pay attention to how to grow tulips in vivo. Wild tulips bloom begin immediately after the snow, bright flowering lasts quite long, and by the summer the plants begin to gradually wither and dry up. All vitality tulip bulbs go into the bulb, which at the time deepened into the ground and begin to form new flowers. Especially active development going on in tulip bulbs in a cool autumn and during the winter.

Natural cooling in a special way affect the ongoing processes in tulip bulbs, allowing it to immediately sprout in spring and soon throw new buds. Like other tulip bulbs, tulips bloom without cooling-off period does not begin.

That is why the question of beginners, «When to plant tulip bulbs?» Experienced florists in one voice say: «In the autumn!» It is important not to rush to the bulbs do not sprouted up to frost, and not to delay the timing, or bloom will come much later. You must choose a time from mid-September to mid-October, when the soil temperature will hold steady at around 10 degrees to a depth of 15 cm.

There is nothing wrong in planting tulips on the frozen ground until early December, as well as spring planting bulbs — please follow the recommendations in the article to get some speed up flowering tulips in this case.

whether you want to dig up tulip fotogde store tulip bulbs Photo

Brief instructions on how to plant tulip bulbs

Before proceeding to the planting work, you must select unshaded place in the garden, prepare the soil and bulbs. Land on a bed should get a fertile, friable, air- and water-permeable, and the bulbs should be sorted by size, cull all sick, injured and too small specimens. Directly into the soil before planting planting material released from the upper hull and disinfected potassium permanganate or preparation.

How does the planting tulip bulbs:

make a groove in the flowerbed or individual wells under tulip bulbs, planting material can be placed and razrovnennoy earth;

sprinkle a little sand in wells to prevent disease tulip bulbs;

planting depth is determined depending on the size of the bulbs — usually planted at a depth, three times the size of the bulbs (presorting planting material size will ease your task);

Keep the distance between the tulips twice the diameter of the tulip bulbs;

bulbs can be dusted with ashes and sprinkle on all sides by sand;

landing on top of fill soil and rake to level the surface.

If the fall is dry, water the flower bed will need one and a half weeks after planting. Once come stable frost, Zamulchiruyte ground peat, dry leaves, compost or straw. In the spring, remove the mulch so that it does not interfere with delicate shoots of tulips.

What to do with the bulbs after flowering tulip bulbs?

So, in the spring you will fully enjoy the graceful beauty of blossoming buds, and now the question arose as to whether you need to dig up tulip or allow them to continue to grow at the same place? Those who have more than a year engaged in cultivation of onion culture, without hesitation will tell you that for farming tulips should be done necessarily. Otherwise, your flowers will grow shallow and lose their beauty, because in place of one bulb socket formed in the summer of subsidiaries bulblets, which is becoming crowded and lacking in nutrients. If from one year to leave the nest such bulbs in the same place, your bed will eventually become not look so attractive.

It remains only to determine when to dig up tulip bulbs: wait until the last, until the stems completely dry, or immediately changing to remove the plants from the flower bed, so they do not spoil the view? The right thing to start digging when aboveground part already turned yellow tulips, but not yet dried up, otherwise the nest will be scattered, and some bulbs may well remain in the ground unnoticed.

Optimal timing digging tulips in central Russia to the period from the third decade of June to mid-July. Desirably, the weather at that time was dry.

Keep in mind that if you want to send all the forces of tulip bulbs on the formation of strong, large tulip bulbs, buds should break off before they begin to blossom. Wherein the stalk must be at least two leaf required for plant photosynthesis.

Carefully dug the bulbs at the right time to analyze them by species and size, you need to think about where to store tulip bulbs until autumn planting. For this purpose a space should be selected where the temperature will be kept at 20 degrees, there is no moisture and sunlight. Best fit dark sheltered terrace or a wooden shed.

Before storage sorted bulbs dried for a couple of days, poured in two layers in mesh boxes to future planting material is not spoiled and do not bend. Then divided into separate nests bulbs, which are purified from the upper scales, from the roots and half etched in potassium permanganate. After this treatment, you can send boxes of onions for storage.

If you have chosen the right place where to store tulip bulbs with the possibility of ventilation and temperature reduction, if necessary, the entire plant material perfectly preserved until the autumn, and during boarding you will not have to discard moldy bulbs. And as you know, quality planting material — the key to successful cultivation of tulips excellent!

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