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Grapes. Grapes (Vitis), a genus of plant of the family Vinogradov. There are about 75 species, distributed mainly in the areas of warm and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The root system is strong. Barrel — vine (in the forest community Grapes — climbing plant). Perennial shoots reach a considerable thickness. Annual shoots are long (3-5 m), […]


Grated beets is not only useful for kids. For adults, it also gives a lot of vitamins, becoming the basis variety of delicious dishes  Description Beetroot — the name of the plant and the fruit of the same name. History beet cultivation originated in what is now India, where it now possible to meet her in […]


Celery root — not only delicious and healthy basis for the preparation of different salads, but also the strongest aphrodisiac!   Description celery      Celery — name of a plant of the family Umbelliferae. Also called celery greens and root, edible. Homeland celery considered Mediterranean countries. It is known that in ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt celery primarily considered […]


Rich in vitamin and mineral composition of turnips makes this vegetable indispensable element of many therapeutic diets Turnips — Brassica rapa L. Turnips were the most accessible and the basis of the winter vegetable diet in Europe and in Russia. Description of turnip Turnips — the name of the cabbage family plants and carrots of the same […]


In addition to extremely attractive «appearance» and the flavor of tomatoes can still boast of a whole bunch of useful and medicinal properties Description of tomato Tomato — the name of the plant and the fruit of the same name. The name «tomato» in Italian means — the golden apple, and the word tomato comes from the […]