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Artichoke — relate to the vegetables. In Latin name: Cynara. In English Name: Artichoke Belongs to the family: Asteraceae (Asteraceae) order Astrotsvetnyh (Asterales). Used in the home of the artichoke: the leaves, buds, roots. Botanical description: a long rod-wintering root, major pinnatisect leaves grayish-green color, hairy beneath. Leaves collected in kuvshinopodobnoyu rosette. The plant has a […]


Barberry — refers to the fruit. In Latin name: Bérberis In English name: barberry Treat the family: Berberidaceae Used in everyday life of the barberry: fruit Botanical description: Threaded bush height of 1.2 — 2.5. Gray, arched, ribbed stems are three separate, less pyatirozdilnye spines long 2 cm Young branches yellowish-red or yellow. Leaves alternately, oval, thin […]


Banana Bananas are fairly high in calories and can quickly recover the energy spent during prolonged physical stress. Latin name: Musa. English title: Banana. Family: Banana — Musaceae. Parts Used: flowers, leaves, roots, fruit. Botanical description: banana — is a perennial herb with a strong root system. Banana tree is grass, so he does not have the […]


Pineapple contains almost all vitamin and mineral. Latin name: Ananas comosus English Name: Pineapple. Family: Bromeliads — Bromeliaceae Used parts pineapple: stem. Laboratory Name: Pineapple Juice — Ananas succus (previously: Succus Ananas, Abacaxi). Botanical description. Birthplace of the herb, apparently — Central and South America, and the islands of the West Indies. There it is also found in […]


Summer came, and with it came on our tables strawberry — very tasty and useful berry, which is also a great aphrodisiac But what is so remarkable and useful this little berry? Description Strawberry — herb and berry of the same name. Strawberry fruit are small, bright red cone (sometimes with a pinkish tinge) berries, densely covered […]