Записи с меткой ‘leaves’


Blackberry — refers to the fruit. In Latin name: Rubus In English Name: Blackberry Treat the family: Pink — Rosaceae Used in the home of the Blackberry: fruit, leaves Botanical description: Shrub short in height from 0.5 to 1.5 m Annual shoots arcuate curved, cylindrical, with a bluish bloom, densely covered with straight or curved spines. Bending […]

Cherry fruit

Cherry — refers to the fruit In Latin name: Cerasus In English name: cherry Treat the family: Pink — Rosaceae Used in everyday life of the cherry: fruit, leaves Botanical description: A short bush (20-160 cm tall), with a dense crown and many rhizomatous shoots. Forms thickets. Shoots ascending or prostrate. Lightly, young — green, seniors — light […]


In Latin name: Vaccínium uliginósum In English Name: blueberry Treat the family: Ericaceae Used in everyday life of blueberry: fruit, leaves Botanical description: Very branched shrub height from 30 to 120 cm, with a dark gray or brownish bark. Stems are erect, cylindrical, spherical. Leaves are alternate, entire, very variable in size (length 0,7-5 cm […]


Strawberries — refers to the fruit By — Latin name: Fragária By — English name: Strawberry Belongs to the family: Pink — Rosaceae Used in everyday life of strawberries: fruit, leaves. Botanical description: This herb is not very high, up to 10 cm in height. Green leaves are trifoliate, the stems are long enough. Shoots are long, creeping, eventually […]