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Summer plants

When choosing a summer plants gardeners traditionally pay considerable attention to the peculiarities of their flowering summer plants. However, in many respects determined by the perception of garden design impression of summer plants, which form the basis of the composition.

Heather plants

If you have an overwhelming desire to plant in your garden heather plants, then get ready for the challenges awaiting you, because for the creation of the heather plants you have to create the conditions for its successful growth and development. Usually flowers heather plants appear on sale in late summer, so during this period […]


Tea with this plant unusually pleasant, and spirits have subtle flavor. The essential oil of bergamot gives sensual relationship between a man and a woman, and cures many diseases Description Bergamot — hybrid species farmed plants Rutaceae family, the genus Citrus. Plant was obtained by crossing of citron and orange. Bergamot — is an evergreen tree whose […]


Watermelon — the fruit without the «weak» places: he is not only a superb taste, but also for its medicinal properties  Description      Watermelon — the name of the same name the plant and its fruit. Watermelon is considered the birthplace of South Africa, and pretend to the role the two countries — Brazil and Paraguay, where it is […]


Celery root — not only delicious and healthy basis for the preparation of different salads, but also the strongest aphrodisiac!   Description celery      Celery — name of a plant of the family Umbelliferae. Also called celery greens and root, edible. Homeland celery considered Mediterranean countries. It is known that in ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt celery primarily considered […]