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Cannabinoids (marijuana)

Cannabis (marijuana) Marijuana (cannabis, plan, drape), dependence on marijuana — Symptoms and Treatment Hemp — is the common name for the plant Cannabis (Cannabis). People walking in the name of «grass» means the same plant, only applied to a few specific goals. Haibolee famous product derived from hemp, a fiber («hemp»), cordage, ropes and fabrics from this […]


Parsley. Parsley has a pleasant smell, tart sweet flavor. Contains essential oils, vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, PP, K. 100 grams of parsley contains approximately two daily allowance of vitamin C — 150 mg, it is 5 times more than 100 grams of lemon. According to the content of carotene parsley does not yield all the […]


Rich in vitamin and mineral composition of turnips makes this vegetable indispensable element of many therapeutic diets Turnips — Brassica rapa L. Turnips were the most accessible and the basis of the winter vegetable diet in Europe and in Russia. Description of turnip Turnips — the name of the cabbage family plants and carrots of the same […]


 Nori — is the Japanese name of some species of red algae, as well as products made from them. Description of Nori. In Latin is synonymous with nori — purple, and in Irish — Lavery, but won thanks to the popularity of nori in Japan. The first description of nori in the 8th century BC In feudal times was […]


Nasturtium is used to cleanse the blood as a spring salad (nasturtium leaves), and occasionally as a poultice for wounds. The Latin name nasturtium: Tropaeolum majus. The English name nasturtium: Garden Nasturtium — Indian Cress — Monks Cress. Nasturtium belongs to the family — Nasturtsievye. Common name nasturtium: salad color, Capuchins. Also called: garden nasturtium. Pharmacy name nastrutsii: […]