Записи с меткой ‘plants’


Mint — garden plants and folk remedy for nausea and indigestion, motion sickness, flatulence, respiratory diseases, inflammation of mucous membranes, rheumatism, hiccup, leather disease, colic, as well as for pain relief for bruises. Name of mint in Latin: Mentha spicata. The English name of the mint: Spear Mint or Spearmint. Relationship to family: Yasnotkovye — Lamiaceae. […]


Melissa officinalis — a vegetable. Melissa officinalis — for nervous people with very high excitability, often for long periods did not fall asleep. The name in Latin: Melissa officinalis. It belongs to the family: Labiatae — Lamiaceae (Labiatae). Common name: lady luck, Bee herb, lemon grass, heartfelt joy, lemon balm. Used part: leaves. Pharmaceutical Name: Melissa leaf — Melissae folium […]