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Green vegetable recipes

Deciduous or leafy vegetables are a special group of vegetables and green vegetable recipes, which includes various kinds of cabbage, lettuce, spinach, sorrel. This group of green vegetable recipes we relate and green onions, leeks, parsley and dill, celery leaf.

Steamed vegetable recipes

Steamed vegetable recipes — more than a multifaceted concept. Options steamed vegetable recipes and useful this technique slimming great variety, just remember the vegetable soup diet on the basis of which is represented on our pages with full description of the menu. Today we continue the theme — steamed vegetable recipes for weight loss deserves close attention […]


Banana Bananas are fairly high in calories and can quickly recover the energy spent during prolonged physical stress. Latin name: Musa. English title: Banana. Family: Banana — Musaceae. Parts Used: flowers, leaves, roots, fruit. Botanical description: banana — is a perennial herb with a strong root system. Banana tree is grass, so he does not have the […]


Pineapple contains almost all vitamin and mineral. Latin name: Ananas comosus English Name: Pineapple. Family: Bromeliads — Bromeliaceae Used parts pineapple: stem. Laboratory Name: Pineapple Juice — Ananas succus (previously: Succus Ananas, Abacaxi). Botanical description. Birthplace of the herb, apparently — Central and South America, and the islands of the West Indies. There it is also found in […]


Summer came, and with it came on our tables strawberry — very tasty and useful berry, which is also a great aphrodisiac But what is so remarkable and useful this little berry? Description Strawberry — herb and berry of the same name. Strawberry fruit are small, bright red cone (sometimes with a pinkish tinge) berries, densely covered […]