Записи с меткой ‘seeds’

Geranium seeds

Many people think that geranium and pelargonium — are one and the same plant, but in fact they belong to different genera of the family of geranium seeds (Geraniaceae). Geranium garden (geranium seeds), in contrast to its thermophilic distant relative, a pretty good feeling in the open field and has long enjoyed a deserved popularity all […]

Orchid seeds for sale

Reproduction orchid seeds for sale at home with the help of the flask with ready seedlings. The following method of reproduction is limited to the purchase of finished flasks (flask) with seedlings of orchids. Currently, this method has become very popular and is characterized by a positive result.

Vegetable seeds

Before sowing and wires be sprouting, vegetable seeds must be decontaminated. Techniques accelerate the germination of seeds in order to get an earlier harvest much. This is the old fashioned way — soaking in plain water. Moreover, for each crop must withstand a certain time at a liquid temperature of 20-25 C and water is changed twice […]