Записи с меткой ‘variety’


Dill: — a herbaceous annual plant Latin name: — Anethum The English name: — Dill Belongs to the family: — Umbrella Description: dill or smelly — it is the only species of this plant. Dill is found in the wild in central Asia. What Ogorodnov cultivated or weed, common almost everywhere. The seeds are used for medicinal purposes. In the […]


Lingonberry — refers to the fruit Title in latinski: Vaccínium vítis-idaéa Title in English: cowberry Belongs to the family: Ericaceae Used in everyday life of the barberry: fruit Botanical description: A short shrub, 10-28 cm tall with creeping rhizome long. Erect stems, with short haired, rounded branches. Greenish-brown, covered with short hairs shoots. Alternate, obovate, […]


Black currant — relate to the fruit The name in Latin Ríbes nígrum Title in English blackcurrant Treat the family gooseberry — Grossulariaceae Used in everyday life of sulfuric currants fruit, leaves Botanical description The low shrub (height of about 1.5 m) with a thin, hairy, arched branches. Gray-green shoots, with small pink-brown buds. Leaves alternate, 3-5-lobed […]