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Cranberries - refers to the fruit. In Latin name: Oxycóccus In English name: Cranberries Treat the family: Ericaceae — Ericaceae Used in the home of the cranberry: fruit, leaves, shoots Botanical description: Weakly branched creeping evergreen shrub, 15-30 cm tall thin, dark-brown stems with floral, ascending branches. Pubescent young branches. Leaves (length of about 5-16 mm and a […]


Dogwood — refers to the fruit. In Latin name: Cornus mas In English name: Dogwood Treat the family: Cornaceae Used in everyday life of the barberry: fruit Botanical description: Large shrub (2 to 5 m) or small tree with a rounded crown. Gray-green shoots, and the old — covered fissured bark, gray. Opposite leaves, lanceolate to […]


Artichoke — relate to the vegetables. In Latin name: Cynara. In English Name: Artichoke Belongs to the family: Asteraceae (Asteraceae) order Astrotsvetnyh (Asterales). Used in the home of the artichoke: the leaves, buds, roots. Botanical description: a long rod-wintering root, major pinnatisect leaves grayish-green color, hairy beneath. Leaves collected in kuvshinopodobnoyu rosette. The plant has a […]


Onion — preventive folk remedy for flu, colds, sore throats, coughs helps, strengthens a weak stomach and stimulates appetite. Latin name: Allium cepa. English title: Onion. Family: Onion — Alliaceae. Common names: Table onions. Botanical description: makes no sense to describe in detail the onion, because it is grown in any garden, we'll find it in stores […]