Benefits of cabbage

Benefits of cabbage

Picture of cabbage to the article «Benefits of cabbage». Cabbage is a low-calorie product, referring to the vegetables. As a vegetable, what makes this product the basis of their diet, I would not recommend. Best use, eat together with the main meal, do yourself a bit of salad from cabbage leaves, but without butter and salt. Sure, there are people who like this vegetable, more than all the rest!

You can of course eat sauerkraut and a small portion, if we do not want to or you just do not like to eat it raw. Here a matter of taste, and we must look at what you eat as a main meal. The food there must be useful, but as in any way and tasty. For example, when you eat mashed potatoes with fish, sauerkraut is the way, the combination is very good.

I am interested in the use of cabbage. Looking at the chemical composition of cabbage, nothing glaring, I had not noticed. Is that the content of Vitamin C per 100 grams of about 40 mg? Still, as a vegetable and it is desirable to have just as in addition to the food intake, it is generally quite even bad, as for me. Indeed, in conjunction with other very useful products, fish, potatoes, like the example above, will a very good, balanced, nutrient-rich meal.

I read on the internet about the benefits of cabbage is more, that is not so easy to learn. Because if the chemical composition of all just in the products here, for example, the content of different acids is very difficult to learn. Let's trust in the Internet and give a piece of information to our minds.

Benefits of cabbage

In the leaves of cabbage contains folic acid. This acid has a beneficial effect on the processes related to the metabolism of the body.

In cabbage salts more potassium than sodium, so if you use this vegetable, water does not stay in the cells. I think is perfect for those who are experiencing this problem. Because they know that there are people who have the water retained in the body and they suffer swelling of the face, for example. They cabbage should include in your diet.

For people suffering from low acidity of gastric juice, you can eat cabbage without fear. Because cabbage juice has a neutral indicator of acid-base balance.

In cabbage, like all vegetables contain fiber, which serves food fibers. Dietary fiber has a beneficial effect on the gut. Displays any rubbish from the body.

But sauerkraut is also very useful! In its structure, after fermentation, lactic acid appears, within which there are a lot of beneficial bacteria that have a beneficial effect on the intestinal micro flora and purified from the putrid environment.

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