Bulgarian pepper (paprika, pepper, vegetables)

paprika pepper  vegetables Bulgarian pepperHis popular name is not obliged to pepper their homeland and breeders in Bulgaria, whose efforts were put sweet large-fruited varieties

Description pepper

Bulgarian pepper (paprika, pepper, vegetables) — the name of the species of plants from the nightshade family, and its fruit. Pepper is the birthplace of America, where in Mexico, Colombia and Central America is still possible to meet him in the wild. After the discovery of America, like many other fellow garden of pepper was imported into Spain and Portugal, where it then spread to Europe and the Middle East. At present, pepper is cultivated on every continent in countries with subtropical and tropical climates. Bulgarian pepper is widely used in cooking. In addition to eating fresh peppers salted, pickled, canned, fried, prepared grilled, stuffed with meat, vegetables and other products. It is also used for cooking lecho and sauces, added to a variety of salads, stews and soups, stew with vegetables or meat.

The composition of pepper

100 g of paprika contain:

Water — 90,2 g

Protein — 1.22 g

Fats — 0.31 g

Carbohydrates — 5,2 g

Dietary fiber (fiber) — 3.5 g

paprika pepper  vegetables Bulgarian pepper

 Vitamins in bell peppers:Vitamin A (beta carotene) — 535,4 mcg

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) — 0.053 mg

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) — 0.0421 mg

Niacin (vitamin B3, vitamin PP) — 0.5315 mg

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) — 0.232 mg

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) — 0.278 mg

Folic acid (vitamin B9) — 18.2 mcg

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) — 139,8 mg

Vitamin E (tocopherol) — 2.51 mg

Vitamin K (phylloquinone) — 14,3 mcg

Biotin (Vitamin H) — 3,5 mg

Vitamin P (flavonoids) — 500,1 mg

 Nutrients in the bell peppers:

Potassium — 177,2 mg

Calcium — 11,6 mg

Magnesium — 12,4 mg

Sodium — 3,7 mg

Sulfur — 21 mcg

Phosphorus — 29,6 mg

Chlorine — 19,8 mg

Trace elements in bell peppers:

Iron — 0.751 mg

Iodine — 2.33 micrograms

Manganese — 0.12 mg

Copper — 71,7 mcg

Molybdenum — 5,3 mcg

Zinc — 0.182 mg

Fluoride — 20 mcg

Calories pepper

100 g of pepper- 27 calories.paprika pepper  vegetables Bulgarian pepper

P-coumaric, chlorogenic acids, which are particularly rich in green peppers, bind and excrete nitroksidy (carcinogens), and lycopene contained in fruits of red color, prevents the development of cancer.

Beware, Bulgarian pepper!

Contraindications to the use of pepper are the following diseases:

cardiac arrhythmia



peptic ulcer

gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice

exacerbation of chronic liver disease and kidney

irritability of the nervous system

severe coronary artery disease (angina)


Pepper — a vegetable that is required for every woman

Despite the name, pepper has nothing in common with his namesake bitter krasnostruchkovym used as a spice. Early researchers, appears to be a mistake, taking the fruits of a kind of bushy plants coveted spices, which they so persistently sought. Thus, the current name is the result of mistakes made 400 years ago.paprika pepper  vegetables Bulgarian pepper

One of the goals of Christopher Columbus's journey and subsequent navigation to find the conquistadors were spices century before Marco Polo brought back from the East. However, instead of the East Columbus discovered America, but instead of spices found corn, potatoes and tomatoes. Drawing attention to the fact that the (Indian food spice pepper, and discovered that he was no less sharp than the red peppers, he apparently decided that, at least in part, the purpose of travel is reached. In any case, he brought a new plant in Spain, called him «Pepper» and claimed that his searing qualities he even surpasses delivered from Asia through the Caucasus.

Hungarian scientists have recently isolated from red pepper substance, strengthens blood vessels, and called Vitamin P — the first letter of the Hungarian word «pepper» (pepper). In addition, a vegetable rich in vitamin A, E, Group B. In short, this unique gift of nature to be at your desk every day.paprika pepper  vegetables Bulgarian pepper

Due to vitamin C makes the peppers over our nervous system stress, and helps cope with the excitement and anxiety. Aromatic substances secreted by them, contribute to the development of «happiness hormones» — endorphins. Rutin (300-450 mg per 100 g), strengthens the capillaries circulatory system. In addition, the peppers a lot of potassium and sodium, calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus and silicon. Scientists says that if you eat at least one pepper per day, up to 50% can be prevented by such a terrible disease such as stroke. The juice and tincture of it are a good way to strengthen the immune system. Pepper improves liver — the main body of biochemical laboratory, because that stimulates biliary excretion, lowers cholesterol. All of the components, the latter contained in it, effectively confront this disease, like cancer. This was proved by doctors from the United States. The first pepper helpful to women because it reduces the risk of developing breast cancer 4 times.paprika pepper  vegetables Bulgarian pepper

Use red pepper with shocks of all kinds, with heart attacks, fainting, and when kollaptoidnyh state and bleeding, particularly bleeding from the stomach. (Red pepper powder (number pick) dissolved in a glass of hot water and taken orally).

External bleeding wounds has also been successfully decontaminated and treated red pepper powder (poured directly into the wound).

Red pepper has some unique features — dilates blood vessels, where they are narrowed; narrows when they expanded. It is made into an alcohol (with vodka) tincture and apply in place of nitroglycerin (full dropper of tincture taken internally for pains in the heart).

In case of insufficient blood circulation in the legs make hot foot bath with pepper solution.

Drugs are part of the pepper ointment from frostbite. Pepper as a multivitamin product is widely used in clinical nutrition at a total loss of strength, anemia, it can be used as the primary remedy for hypo-and avitaminosis. It stimulates the appetite, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and bile and thus helps to improve digestion. A lot of carotene, sweet peppers, from which the synthesized vitamin A — it was he who builds on all the «boundaries» of our body's defensive positions. And as soon as stocks are depleted of this substance, we become vulnerable to colds and infections are more serious.paprika pepper  vegetables Bulgarian pepper

Juice of sweet pepper in half with carrot recommended for dysplasia of hair and nails. It normalizes the skin, the stomach and intestines. It should be drinking on an empty stomach for a quarter of a cup once a day for a month. You can press the juice of sweet peppers in vegetable oil (in a ratio of 1:1 during the week). Then ready to brew in a circular motion to rub with radiculitis, myositis. The juice of red pepper contains vital Essential fatty acids (not less than 65%), saturated acids (not less than 8%), tocopherols (not less than 60%), phytoene, and essential oils.

Pepper, pepper, vegetables, healthy food

A rich source of vitamin C, A, and beta-carotene. Green pepper contains more vitamin C, while the yellow and red — more than beta-carotene.

Smokers to the rescue

Attention to the active and passive smokers — the presence of pepper in menu reduces the risk of cancer and emphysema!

Colorful prevention

Of all the vegetables after the parsley pepper is the richest source of vitamin C. 200 grams of pepper covering the daily adult requirement of vitamin C. In addition to vitamin C pepper contains vitamin A, which is a deadly cocktail of free radicals. This beautiful duo prevents the accumulation of cholesterol, thereby protecting against multiple sclerosis and heart disease. In addition, it prevents the formation of malignant tumors, cataracts and arthritis.

It is called the bell, sweet paprika ...

He is able to give a special flavor to any dish ...

It is very useful ... it really all about the peppers?

Naturopaths are advised to stick troubles sweet pepper, to saturate the body with ascorbic acid, we have lost in anger or boleznyah.Ved vitamin C in this vegetable is 6 times higher than in the same tsitrusovyh.K pepper consumption promotes the development of «happiness hormone» endorphin.

Cooking Tips

Pepper, you can add almost vse.Ovosch has minimal kapsantsina even used in confectionery products to enrich vitaminami.Salaty, pizza, soup and vegetable soups, all kinds of fish and meat with pepper to vkusnee.Sleduet probably remember that sweet peppers combined not all spices: she likes to «act» in the company of sweet and black Pepper gets a taste of mango in a duet.

In the cookbooks you can find a lot of recipes for uslavnym called «Italian salad». So, the Italians never eat peppers syrym.A «pritomlenny» in the food-with pleasure.

For salads restrictions species and varieties of pepper is not: its flavor and meaty slices look great in any medley of ovoschey.Esli you decide to treat yourself to a pepper stuffed with meat, rice, carrots and onion stuffing or whatever, look big, but not very thick-skinned fruit.

For the sauce is better to use ripe vegetables, and that they are not only tasty, but appetizing in appearance, prefer purple varieties.

To clean the peppers from seed, insert a knife next to the foot, walk around it and pull together with the core, then sprinkle the remaining seeds and treats to eat spolosnite.Vashe gotovo.Priyatnogo appetite!paprika pepper  vegetables Bulgarian pepper

How to prepare a miracle vegetable for the winter? There are several recipes.


If the pepper finely chopped, then can be subjected to low temperatures, packed in plastic bags, put them into the freezer and then add to soups, roasts, stews, throwing boiling water nerazmorozhennym.


For drying, pick ripe fruit red tsveta.Predvaritelno they make an incision on each side and remove any serdtsevinki semechek.Razlozhite and fruit in a warm room, so they podvyalilis few days (if the weather is wet, you can povyalit peppers in the oven).

With the bush.

To keep peppers fresh longer, many gardeners dig the plant with the fruit of the ground and hung in the cellar of roots vverh.Tak peppers stored for more than 2 months.


It is best to cook a traditional Bulgarian paprika: 9 kg of sweet red pepper takes 3 kg of small tomatoes ,50-60 g of parsley and tomato sok.Udalite pepper seeds, wash and cut into 3×4 cm pieces of it, problanshiruyte 3-4 minutes. in boiling water and immediately immerse in cold vodu.Perets and tomato layers lay in banks, first covering the bottom of the fluidized zelenyu.Ostalos pour tomato juice with salt (1 l-20 g) and sterilized (liter cans-50-60 min.) .

And do not forget one more thing.

— If you carefully dig out a bush pepper and planted it in a pot on the windowsill, it will bloom and bear fruit throughout the winter, as a perennial plant.

— Do not rush to throw the seeds of pepper, they are rich in trace elements and biostimulyatorami.Ih can be dried, crushed in a coffee grinder and use it as a useful seasoning all the dishes until the spring.

Canned peppers with grapes

Clean the peppers from the seeds and with the «caps» immerse in boiling salted water for 2-3 minuty.Sblanshiruyte grapes and starting perets.Zakroyte «caps», slightly prizhmite.Chtoby berries did not pop up, «lid» Comedy of pepper zubochistkoy.Ulozhite peppers into sterile jars and pour syrup: 1 liter of water, 200 g of sugar or honey st.lozhek 8.

If the grapes are sweet, you can add berries of barberry, magnolia, cherry or kryzhovnika.Banku with pepper, bay hot syrup, roll and flip upside down.

Peppers stuffed with vegetables.

For the stuffing will need 150 g of purified carrot, cabbage 800 g, 25 g parsley, dill and celery, 30 grams of salt, 1 liter of water.

Ripe fleshy sweet peppers from the seeds clean, wash, letting the water drain, pour a little into each soli.Vyderzhite 3.2 chasa.Morkov peel and chop the greens finely and solomkoy.Kapustu nashinkuyte.Vse vegetables, stir well and season with pepper, fill firmly solyu.Farshem .

Place stuffed peppers in a jar and fill with cold rassolom.Pervye 10 days holding at room temperature, and then move to the cold.


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