Cabbage-vegetablesCabbage. Vegetables — cabbage, cabbage juice is useful in the treatment of gastric ulcers, to treat wounds, sores, shingles, measles, rashes apply poultice of the leaves of cabbage.

In Latin is called: Brassica oleracea

In English is: Cabbage.

From the family: Cruciferae — Brassicaceae.

Key used in the cabbage parts leaves.

Description: On the Mediterranean coast growing wild kale, people began to eat the cabbage used in prehistoric times, that from her, and there were all sorts of cabbage known today.Cabbage is ranked among the oldest cultivated plants, many of its forms are very different in appearance, it is difficult in the common ancestor of cabbage. By comparing the color with Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi turnips with a headed cabbage, or other colors. Recently it became known about the medicinal properties of cabbage.


Cabbage vegetables

Habitat: grows on the shores of southern England, in the north-western France, in Helgoland, Denmark on the northern shores of the Mediterranean near Nice and Genoa.

Cabbage. Collection, preparation: in the autumn cabbages cabbage should be cut and lay in storage.

The composition of cabbage per 100 g:

• Water — 90 g

• Protein — 1.55 grams

• Fat — 0.14 g

• Carbohydrates — 7.26 grams (mono- , disaccharides — 5 g)

• dietary fiber (fiber) — 1 g

• Pectin — 0.5 g

• Organic acids — 0.32 g

• Ash — 0.75 g

Vitamins contained in cabbage:

• Vitamin B1 — 0.0371 mg.

• Vitamin B2 — 0.043 mg

• Niacin (vitamin B3) — 0.73 mg

• Folic acid (B9) — 10 mcg

• Vitamin C — 45.56 mg

• Vitamin E — 0.06 mg

Nutrients contained in cabbage:

• Potassium — 200 mg

• Calcium — 50 mg

• Magnesium — 15 mg

• Sodium — 12 mg

• Phosphorus — 13 mg

Trace elements contained in cabbage:

• Iron — 0.6 mg

• Yoda — 3 mg

• Cobalt — 3 mg

• Manganese — 170 mcg

• Copper — 70 mcg

• Molybdenum — 10 mcg

• Fluoride — 10 mcg

• Zinc — 0.45 mg

Caloric content of cabbage per 100 grams — 27 kcal.

Useful properties of cabbage:

In folk medicine, cabbage — a medicine to treat stomach ulcers (juice). This is proven by science, and the results are amazing.

Side effects of cabbage. In some cases, the cabbage can cause bloating, it is not often, as cause is improper preparation of food (cooked a little.)


Cabbage vegetables

 List of the most popular salads cabbage and cabbage dishes:

• Soup with pickled cabbage. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Soup of the cabbage. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• White cabbage in a pot. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Chanterelle, stewed with cabbage. (A dish of cabbage)

• sour cabbage soup with fresh cabbage with apples. (A dish of cabbage)

• Cabbage soup with fresh cabbage and tomatoes. (A dish of cabbage)

• Soup of the sour cabbage with smelt. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• casserole cabbage and potatoes. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Ragout of white cabbage. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Cabbage baked with cheese. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Moussaka of pickled cabbage. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• cabbage kimchi in Korean. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Curry cabbage. (Dishes of white cabbage)


Cabbage vegetables. Cooking

• Cauliflower soup of white and cream. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Duck stewed with cabbage. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Antip of pickled cabbage. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Antip with cabbage cabbage. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Potato soup with cabbage. (A dish of cabbage)

• Cabbage soup with fresh cabbage. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• hodgepodge of sour cabbage with meat. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Roll the meat with the cabbage in Hungarian. (Dishes of white cabbage)

• Vinaigrette with fresh cabbage. (Salad of cabbage)

• Salad of pickled cabbage and cucumber. (Salad of cabbage)

• tofu salad with cabbage cabbage. (Salad of cabbage)

• Salad of soybeans with a cabbage. (Salad of cabbage)

• Salad of cabbage with green beans. (Salad of cabbage)

• Salad of cabbage with the addition of carrots and cucumbers. (Salad of cabbage).


Cabbage vegetables. Cooking

 The most, common varieties of cabbage:


The variety of cabbage — The June. Quickly head out, you can clean up after 50-55 days after planting seedlings. The main crop — the first two data collection. The plant is compact, cabbages cabbage rounded or flat rounded mass of approximately 0,95-2,45 kg. Variety is very flexible, resistant to frost to -5 ° C. Harvest of up to 7 kg/m2. Designed for use mainly in fresh and in the summer.

The variety of cabbage — Kazachok. Early maturing. Consumption of fresh. Maturity occurs at 107-114 days, when there will be full of seedlings. The leaves, raised in diameter 55,47-67,5 see cabbage round, compact, weighing about 0,85-1,25 kg. Vintage 31,85-46,15 t / ha. Hybrid: high yield, early harvest returns, resistant to cracking, is useful for mechanical assembly.

The variety of cabbage — Malachite F1

Maturity of head after 92-137 days. Kochan rounded mass of about 1,35-1,55 kg. Yield 24-67 tons / ha. Hybrid: a high yield, transportability.

The variety of cabbage — Room 147 First Gribovsky

Ripens in 7-12 days longer than the June class. Kochan round, oval mass of about 0,95-2,25 kg. The variety can withstand low temperatures and lack of moisture. Yield up to 6.58 kg/m2. Kochan use fresh.

The variety of cabbage — Point

Later maturity varieties of 98-123 days after complete germination. Conical cabbage, sredneplotnye and loose, weighing 0,75-1,75 kg and a height of 13-17 cm, diameter 17 cm color of light green, white and yellow. Yield 16-81 tons / ha.

The variety of cabbage — F1 Transfer

Maturity of head after 97-119 days, the appearance of complete germination. Leaves the floor raised. Cabbage round, weighing 0,85-1,55 kg. Vintage 62 t / ha. Hybrid: a stable yield, high yield of marketable products, and resistance to cracking, good eating quality.

The variety of cabbage — Stakhanovite 1315

It is used fresh, suitable for fermentation. Maturity of head 106-135 days after full germination. The leaves are elevated, diameter 88 cm Kochan medium density round mass of 1,55-3,55 kg.


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