CarrotsCarrots (carrots) — a vegetable. Carrots (carrots) — is a folk remedy helps in the treatment of disease: myocardial infarction, angina, kidney stones, liver disease, kidney disease, impaired mineral metabolism, arthritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, arteriosclerosis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, prevention and treatment of obesity.

The name in Latin: Daucus carota.

Title in English: Wild Carrot.

Belongs to the family: 3ontichnye — Apiaceae.

Subtype carrot: carrot (carrot) cultivated.

The names of the people, turnips, yellow or bird nest.

Name of pharmacy: the root of the carrot — Dauci carotae radix, grass — Dauci carotae herba, fruit carrots (carrots) — Dauci carotae fructus.

Used part of the carrot (carrot) root, leaves and fruit.

Botanical description: a biennial, sometimes annual plant.

The root of carrot (carrot) — fleshy, thickened, different colors, shapes and lengths.Carrots vegetables

Stem carrots (carrots) in height from 25 to 100 cm develops in the second year of growth, is sometimes easy enough in the upper part branched, longitudinally furrowed sometimes woolly-hairy like the leaves, very rarely almost naked.

The leaves are triangular in shape, ovate oblong, double-pinnate, 15-22 cm long, 4-7 cm wide. Lower leaves of carrots (carrots), on long petioles, upper — in the medulla. Slices of the last order of ovoid or oblong, toothed or somewhat incised at the edges slightly to the downside zavorocheny, top with a small blunt cusp.

Flowers bisexual, staminate, small teeth on the calyx, the petals are white sometimes yellow.

Inflorescence — many-flowered, the complex type, 5-10 cm diameter, the leaves are numerous.

Flowering carrots (carrots) in June-July. The fruits ripen in mid-August.

Habitat: carrots (carrots) are very common.

There is a growing Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Naturalized in North America.

Cultivated for over four — five thousand years, now displayed a lot of varieties and varieties of carrots (carrots).Carrots vegetables

Collection, preparation: the roots of carrots (carrots) dug in early spring or late fall. Produce carrot juice, dried in a ventilated place, cutting lengthwise. Leaves are collected during the flowering and dried in a bundle in the air. Umbrellas just collect full maturity, dried in a ventilated place.

The composition of 100 g of carrots (carrots) provides:

• Water — 88 g

• Protein — 1.276, the

• Fats — 0.143, the

• Carbohydrates — 9.1, the (mono- , disaccharides — 7 g)

• dietary fiber (cellulose) — 1.2 g

• Pectin — 0.6, the

• Organic acids — 0.2 g

• Ash — 1 g

Vitamins in carrots (carrots)

• Vitamin A (beta carotene) — 9,13 mg

• Vitamin B1 (thiamine) — 0.061 mg

• Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) — 0.0713 mg

• Niacin (vitamin B3, vitamin E) — 1 mg

• Inositol (Vitamin B8) — 29 mg

• Folic acid (vitamin B9) — 8 mcg

• Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) — 5,27 mg

• Vitamin E (tocopherol) — 0.6 mgCarrots vegetables

Macroelements in carrots (carrots)

• Potassium — 204 mg

• Calcium — 51.5 mg

• Magnesium — 38.8 mg

• Sodium — 21.1 mg

• Phosphorus — 55 mg

Trace elements in carrots (carrots)

• Iron — 0.7 mg

• Yoda — 5 mcg

• Cobalt — 2 micrograms

• Manganese — 0.2 mg

• Copper — 80 mcg

• Molybdenum — 20 mcg

• Fluoride — 50 mcg

• Zinc — 0.43 mg

Caloric content of carrots (carrots) per 100 g — 39 calories.

Varieties of carrots:

The variety of carrots — Morkov Coral

Seeds of carrot Coral — late-variety. Long-term storage. Root of dark orange, cylindrical, conical shape, length 18-20 cm, weight — 140-160 gr. Root lined, smooth. Bec — 15 gr.

The variety of carrots — Morkov belladonna

Carrot seeds herb — until maturity — 65-68 days. Root orange-red, thickened, conical shape. 17-20 cm root mean smooth head. Yakot orange.

The variety of carrots — Morkov Shantanu

Seeds of carrot Shantanu — a variety of storage. 105 days from sowing. Fruit 15-18 cm conical shape.

The variety of carrots — Carrots Vita Longa

Seeds of carrot Bit Long — middle-class. Root of 30 cm, cone-shaped, ribbed surface, core color orange.

The variety of carrots — Carrots Dolyanka

Seeds of carrot Dolyanka — Class for storage. Matures in 150-160 days, tapered c large fruit with a blunt tip.

The variety of carrots — Carrots Karlen

Seeds of carrot Kaplena — sort of late-carrots, record results for yield, cylindrical root length from 17 to 20 cm, nasyschenno-opanzhevogo shade.

The variety of carrots — Carrots Karotan

Seeds of carrot Karotan — sort of like Flake.

The variety of carrots — carrots carrots

Carrot seeds carrots — high yielding variety. Root is smooth, blunt-pointed, 14-15 cm, weight 70-110 g., Immersed in the soil.

The variety of carrots — Carrots Coral

Seeds of carrot Coral — middle-class. Vegetation — 140-150 days. Root of dark orange, conical shape. 18-20 cm Macca — 160 grams.

The variety of carrots — Carrots Queen of Autumn

Queen of carrot seeds fall — early maturing variety. Root to 20 cm cone-shaped 220

The variety of carrots — Carrots belladonna

Seeds of carrot herb. Root orange-red, conical shape and a blunt end.

The variety of carrots — Carrot Red Giant

The variety of carrots — Carrots Lagoon

Seeds of carrot Laguna — a hybrid of early-maturing carrots.

The variety of carrots — Carrot Nantes

The seeds of Nantes carrots — sort of ripening.

The variety of carrots — Carrots Perfektsiya

Seeds of carrot Perfektsiya — late-variety. Up to 150 days maturity. Root 16-19 cm cylindrical shape, lined, smooth. Race root — 250 gr.

Carrots vegetablesCarrots (carrots) are widely used in cooking recipes here are a few of the carrots (carrots)

Recipe — Carrot salad in Korean


carrots in Korean — 250 gr.

pickled cucumber — 200 gr.

boiled egg — 4 pcs.

herbs — to taste

Mayonnaise — to taste

 Carrots vegetablesRecipe. Carrot salad with walnuts and apples

You will need:

carrots — 40-50g

Apple — 30-40g

Walnut — 10-20g

Honey — 10g

parsley — 10g

butter — 5g

Lemon — 10-15g.

For the carrot salad, carrot should be grated grate, slice the apples, nuts, Ceiling and fry in oil. Combine all, add honey, stir and add the herbs and lemon juice. That's carrot salad is ready!

 Carrots vegetablesCarrots in Korean

For salad recipes — carrot in Korean, we need:

For the carrots in Korean, we need:

1 kg. Carrots:

3.5 tbsp sugar

1.5 tsp. Salts

1.5 liters of table. coriander powder,

2 tbsp. vinegar

0.5 hours of black pepper,

5 cloves of garlic,

150 grams of oil.

For the carrots in Korean, Grate carrots, sprinkle with spices, shifting her hands, add the vinegar, garlic, vegetable oil (boil).Carrots vegetables

That carrot is ready in Korean

Bon Appetit!

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