Dill: — a herbaceous annual plant

Latin name: — Anethum

The English name: — Dill

Belongs to the family: — Umbrella

Description: dill or smelly — it is the only species of this plant. Dill is found in the wild in central Asia. What Ogorodnov cultivated or weed, common almost everywhere. The seeds are used for medicinal purposes. In the food consumed only the leaves of fennel, which contain nicotinic acid and ascorbic acid, and carotene, riboflavin, thiamine, and flavonoids.

Chemical composition

Dill containing up to 17% butter fat and 16% protein. In the composition of fatty oil contains:

  • petroselinic acid — 60%;
  • Oleic acid — 30%;
  • palminovaya acid — 3%;
  • Linoleic Acid — 6%.

All parts of the fennel contains essential oil, which is a liquid with a sweet odor and a very light yellow color. In fennel fruit contains the highest amount of essential oil, which is widely used in the soap industry. From the grassy part of dill oil looks like a greenish liquid with a strong odor of dill. 

Everyone is well aware that the dill — a «national» Russian spice. However, few people know that the ancient Romans dill was well known. Egyptian doctors used it to treat patients. In the Middle Ages, dill attributed magical properties to help protect against sorcery. First edible medicinal properties of fennel are mentioned in ancient Egyptian papyri. Going to trade, as well as in military campaigns, the Egyptians took with them dill, and thus this fragrant grass has taken root in Greece and Palestine.

Useful properties of dill

Use dill due to a different set of mineral substances and the presence of essential oil separation enhances secretion of digestive glands increases appetite, improves gastrointestinal motility and contributes to the normalization of body metabolism. Recommended in the presence of obesity to use dill in cooking. At this pharmacological properties of dill not end there. In diseases of the liver, kidneys, gall bladder used a decoction of dill. 

The use of dill in cooking

Dill, having a pleasant spicy aroma and flavor, used in fresh, salt, and even dried. Every housewife knows that canned vegetables are not complete without dill. Chopped fresh dill can add as many dishes of exquisite taste. Dried dill is an integral part of many different mixtures for the preparation of delicious meals. No pickles can not do without the addition of both fresh and dried dill. Contained in the plant volatile not only give pickling vegetables peculiar taste, but also perfectly protects them from damage and mold. Fruits and dill is used for flavoring in confectionery. 

The use of dill in medicine

In medicine, fennel is also used widely as in cooking. Infusion of stems and leaves of fennel helps in the treatment of hypertension. In addition dill infusion is a diuretic. Essential oil seeds and plants act as a sedative, carminative and antispasmodic. When pulmonary diseases facilitates the use of essential oils bronchorrhea. Internally, the use of infusion of fennel seeds helps in the fight against hemorrhoids, and it can be used externally as a wound-healing agent. Also, the use of infusion of fennel seeds relieves allergic skin itch. Obtained from the fruit of fennel drug «Anetin» has antispasmodic effect and helps in the treatment of coronary heart disease, in the chronic form. With the help of this drug can prevent angina attacks and treat neuroses.

Many well-known «dill water,» which is given to kids at an increased accumulation of gas in the intestines. However, not everyone knows that the preparation of this product is carried out with the use of a related plant called dill or fennel also called «pharmacy dill.» 

Contraindications to eating fennel and its treatment is the presence of drugs in humans of reduced pressure. If excessive use of fennel can happen faint, be a temporary visual disturbances and deterioration of health.

Cosmetic use of dill

The extracts of seeds and greens of fennel is widely used for the production of various perfumes and cosmetic compositions. A broadcasting and fatty oil of dill seed selection input part colognes, creams and toothpastes. In addition, the well-known cosmetic effect present in the form of lotion from the leaves of dill in inflammation and redness of the eyes tired.

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