Easy to grow vegetables

Easy to grow vegetablesHow to easy to grow vegetables seedlings and plant seeds of vegetables and flowers. How to easy to grow vegetables and vegetable seeds sown seedlings, the conditions necessary for germination.
Easy to grow vegetables their seedlings — a very complex process that requires the organization of certain conditions, depriving much of your time. Plants that are planted in open ground seedlings, stronger and more durable, easier to take root. This is especially true of plants whose seeds are small and contain oil, which prevents the rapid germination of seeds. Growing seedlings are also vital in areas with a cold climate and short summers, as it allows to reduce the time of the growing season.
Easy to grow vegetables seedlings in peat pots.
Peat pots are designed for easy to grow vegetables seedlings of different cultures:
vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, melons, and so on. d.), flower crops (primrose, coleus, geraniums, gladiolus, tulip, and others.), fruit, forest and ornamental (gooseberries, currants, raspberries, blueberries, rose et al.).
Today, choose pots for easy to grow vegetables seedlings just eyes run from the proposed change.
Peat pots are cups of various shapes.
This, pressed peat products, transportable, has a long shelf life.
Compared with the means at hand (plastic, paper or ceramic containers), peat pots — biologically clean dishes for plants.
Pots do not contain pathogenic organisms and weed seeds and easy to grow vegetables, and the content of toxic chemicals:
Peat is easy, clean and safe to easy to grow vegetables, does not contain weed seeds and pathogens of various diseases of vegetable and flower crops.
Wall thickness, good pots 1-1.5 mm, which ensures smooth easy to grow vegetables and root development of plants, while maintaining the strength of the pot and the ability to quickly decay to the ground (within 32 days after planting), thereby relieving farmers from the hassle of collecting parts undecomposed pots at harvest fields.
Using pots, almost any vegetable grower can achieve excellent results in easy to grow vegetables seedlings of vegetables and flowers:
100% germination of the possible;
balanced plant nutrition organic and mineral elements;
rapid growth and healthy development of the fast establishment of plants;
protection of plants against bacterial diseases;
high survival rate of seedlings seedling crops at the expense of a fully developed root system;
protection of plant root system from damage, drying out during transplanting or transportation;
accelerated development of plants, there is no risk of injury of the root system.
After shopping for a easy to grow vegetables need new glasses soak in a solution of humate fertilizer with trace elements. This will power plants and accelerate the expansion of the cup.
If you decide your easy to grow vegetables seedlings will be better in other containers purchased pots can be planted seedlings of plants with strong root system, pumpkin, watermelon melon.
Her strong roots easily pierce the wall of the cup and such seedlings can be directly in the glass easy to grow vegetables and plant for permanent residence!
Sow the seeds for seedlings need in terms of easy to grow vegetables, depending on the type of culture vegetable and flower seeds.
Some cultures are easy to grow vegetables (cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, etc.) Have fragile root system, so they should be sown in each individual pots.
For this purpose, you can use paper or plastic cups, peat or compost bags, plastic cups. The last three types of containers will decompose in the soil, feeding the seedlings at the same time easy to grow vegetables.
For sowing the seeds can be purchased ready-made special primer for easy to grow vegetables, the soil should be well sifted and ignited in the oven or steamed — to kill fungal spores and bacteria.
Only sterilization should be done about a month before planting the seeds easy to grow vegetables, to soil microflora have time to recover.
In the soil can add easy to grow vegetables -agroperlit special mineral supplements, they will keep moisture and air permeability of the soil.
The soil in the container is placed so that the upper edge of it did not reach 1 cm — it is necessary for the convenience of care. Seeds for easy to grow vegetables sprinkled the ground after planting containers labeled — to indicate the type, cultivar, sowing date.
An important factor in seed germination technology are easy to grow vegetables and drying.
For normal germination and successful growth is optimal daylight in 15-17 hours, so near the seedlings should set the backlight and periodically rotate the different parties to the tank it.
The temperature for easy to grow vegetables should be maintained within 22-24 degrees Celsius.
Seedlings should be kept at 15-17 degrees.
Lower temperatures will slow and easy to grow vegetables, and plant growth, but they will be stronger. Water and spray seedlings need of watering or spray.
Watering easy to grow vegetables can be controlled by the main thing — do not fill the seedlings, but did not give it to dry.
Often need to be watered easy to grow vegetables, but little by little, for irrigation use only warm, better natural water from rivers and lakes, rain.
Taken out of the greenhouse wet peat pot of seedlings transplanted into the soil completely (dug in the ground).
plant without delay continues further development, as its root system is not damaged.
it is, on the one hand, is the cause of increasing the yield of crops grown in peat pots, and, on the other — is accelerated maturation of cucumbers and tomatoes for 10-20 days earlier than usual easy to grow vegetables.
the result of using peat pots — seedlings easy to grow vegetables in pots gives harvest 2-3 weeks earlier and 20-30% higher than seedlings grown without pots.
By following these tips, you can easy to grow vegetables healthy seedlings, and then the next harvest.

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