Grow carrots

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Growing carrots

Carrot grows well in warm, loose soils. Ph acidity 5.5-7.0. Light-requiring. By growing carrots begin to prepare for the end of April. It is not necessary to put it after the beans, carrots and parsley.

The best precursors for her considered zucchini, potatoes, cabbage, onion, cucumber and tomato. Especially in the case when they have been made under the organic fertilizer. Caring for carrots is mainly thinning seedlings, watering, fertilizing and weeding. This vegetable is quite drought-resistant, so watering carrot required during dry periods. The optimum flow rate — five liters per square meter.

Features seeding (growing) carrots

Carrot seeds before planting must be pre-treated. They should be soaked for a day in cold water.

For best effect, you can rub the seeds between your hands — it will help polish them to get rid of lint on the surface of seeds. During the entire period of soaking, the water should be changed as long as it does not become completely transparent. This is usually not less than six times. The last time the seeds are filled with a solution of trace elements. When they swell, they dusted with chalk to make them more visible. The seeds are then allowed to dry to the point of flowability.

The seeds can be mixed with the humidified peat nonacidic. Leave the mixture for a week in a warm place, retaining its moisture and oxygen. Then sprouted seeds are sown in the usual way on the beds.

Seeds also can be stuck to the paper web. This will improve the accuracy of the landing. The paste is made from the starch or flour. Prevents shedding seeds fold along the strip. When the tape is dry, they can be rolled up.

It should be remembered that the seeds can germinate very long. About three weeks.

The seeds are buried to a depth of two inches. After planting the soil mulch carrots. Make sure that the soil surface is not formed crust. She hamper the growth of seedlings.

What to feed a carrot — the best fertilizer to feed carrots

Carrots should be fed using only mineral fertilizers. Usually feeding carrots held three or four times in one season. The first takes place three weeks after the shoots appear. Or, after the first puncturing. One bucket of water take one teaspoon of urea and Potassium-magnesium. Adding the extract of 1 — 1.5 tablespoons of superphosphate. The second feeding is carried out in two — three weeks after the first one. Special preparations for weaning growing carrots, NPK — this is what you can feed the carrots for the second time. In the period of active growth spend a third feeding. On moist soil sprinkled ashes and loose, to avoid the appearance of the crust. You cannot use a dry ash, and its infusion. Useful in addition to the basic fertilizing sprinkle boric acid leaves. Proportions — two grams per ten gallons of water.

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