Leek vegetablesLeek — is a perennial herbaceous plant, a vegetable.

The name in Latin — Allium porrum.

The name of the people, «the pearl onions.»

It belongs to the family — Onion (Alliaceae).

View — Onion (Allium)

Homeland vegetables — leeks — from Asia, leeks was in the Mediterranean countries on whose territory now frequently the initial form of the wild leek — Bow grape (Latin: Allium ampeloprasum). The cultural form developed out of it long ago in ancient Egypt was one of the main vegetable plants — leeks. Was known in ancient times, in Greece and Rome. In the Middle Ages it was grown all over Europe.Cultivated leek everywhere — Europe, Mediterranean countries, North America, Western Europe, France.In Russia, the leeks are grown in all areas ovoschevodstvennyh.

Leek vegetablesLeek — Botanical description:

Onion, leek lacks bulblets. Stem bow out of the middle of the bulb. Leek leaves linear-lanceolate, the cover has a long nose. Umbrella onion large, spherical, has a whitish perianth, rarely pinkish, leaves a bit rough. Filaments: the length of the perianth, trifid, the middle part of the 2-fold shorter than the base.Blossoms leek: June, July. August, September, ripening fruit.Leek vegetables

Leek — biological features:

During the first year of life formed a strong root system, increasing the number of flat and long leaves (40-60 cm), arranged like a fan (alternately), white pseudobulb in length of 10-12 cm in diameter, 2-8 cm, goes into a light-green false stems to a height of 80 cm the second year of flowering stems are formed (arrows) at a height of 2 m and seeds. A flower in a small leek, white-pink and pink, collected in inflorescence — umbrellas, initially closed cover. Cross-pollinated. Seeds of leek 3-sided, slightly wrinkled, externally similar to onion seeds. Germination 2-4 years.

Leek — is cold-resistant crops. Adult plant at hilling or warming peat and sawdust are sometimes hibernates in the conditions of temperature in the middle lane, in the snowy winters. Demanding to moisture, prefer loamy soil and vysokogumusnye. Heavy clay and light sandy soil, and water-logged and sour for the leek is flawed.Propagated leek seeds.Grades leek — Karantansky, Sizokryl.Dangerous for the leek pest — onion fly.

Leek — the chemical composition:

Leek salt contains potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur and magnesium. In the onion leek is essential oils, the composition of which can be detected sulfur proteins, ascorbic and nicotinic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, carotenes. When storing the bow of ascorbic acid in the bleached part of the increase is greater than 1.5 times.Leek vegetables

Leek — the value, use:

In the food consumed leek: the base of the leaves and thick stalk of a false bow.White sweet leek stalk (false stem), young leek leaves have a pleasant taste slaboostry (thinner than the onions), which gives a peculiar flavor of food products. Bulbs and blanched leek stalk is eaten raw, cooked (braised) as a garnish for meat and fish dishes, seasoning for soups, prepared salads, sauces, used in the canning and food industries the concentrate.Healing of the leek known to us even from the distant past. Leek recommend eating in patients with such diseases: gout, rheumatism, scurvy, kidney stones, obesity, mental and physical exhaustion. A large amount of potassium leek shows a diuretic effect. The studies showed that leek secretory function of the gland increases the digestive tract and improves liver function, appetite, improves antisclerotic property. Raw leeks contraindications: inflammatory diseases of the stomach and duodenum.Leek vegetables

Leek growing, leek seedlings.

Leek seedlings are growing it, planted it in late February. Seeds of leek seedlings before planting, soak in warm water for 7 days. Then the seeds of leek rack up moisture and swell. Before sowing the seeds of leek seedlings should be well dried up loose states. For cultivation of leek seedlings suitable flower pot. The soil for planting leek should be humus. To adjust the humidity, you need to cover the leek seedlings transparent package, but it should be removed after 2-3 days. For cultivation of leek seedlings should not dive, and if the seeds are planted leek very often, the air temperature should be 22-23 degrees, 10-14 degrees in the shoots, water leek seedlings, be sure to warm water. After 60-70 days of leek seedlings will be ready for planting in the ground. Leek growing on open ground. Leeks are grown for the bleached stalks, he formed the continuous addition of land podsypaniem. This is especially leek growing in open ground. Leek growing like a well-lit place to sour the soil rich in organic fertilizer. Therefore, for leek cultivation suitable soil in which grew cucumbers, beans, cabbage. Planting leeks in neat beds may not yield a good harvest, as the stem is formed at a height of 2-3 cm

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