lotus flowerLotus. The name in Latin: Nelumbo

Lotus belongs to the genus: dicotyledons

Family: Lotus (Nelumbonaceae) is the sole representative.

Lotus species:

Lotus orehonosny (1788) — Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.

Yellow Lotus (Lotus American) (1807) — Nelumbo lutea Pers.

Five-Lotus (1934) — Nelumbo pentapetala Fernald.

 Lotus history. Lotus in the culture. Under the name of the lotus of the ancient Greeks knew a lot of different plants, fruits Lotus eaten mainly been known Egyptian Lotuses and kireyskie lotuses.

Lotus — shrub belongs to the family Krushinovyh (Rhamnaceae). Now this plant is most common in southern Europe, but came from North Africa, lotus, lotus fruit — drupe about the size of a plum, quite tasty.

In India, Egypt, lotus called different species of water lilies (Nymphaea caerulea Saw). Lotus is — sacred in the eyes of the natives — a plant lives in stagnant or slowly flowing waters of the Nile and the Ganges. The seeds of lotus rhizome extract and flour.

lotus flowerIn Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of purity. The lotus rising from the muddy swamp water, but the light is pure, untainted, it represents no attachment to samsara, though residing in it.

Image of lotus is widely distributed in much Buddhist art.

Application of lotus

From the lotus seed beads are made.

The root of the lotus are edible, and in Asian cuisine, this is considered a delicacy.

From the lotus flowers are prepared tea mixture «Twinings Lotus Green Tea».

In Kalmykia, a lotus flower on a flag.


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